Sony a6300 vs a6400

Sony a6300 vs a6400 – See Why We Recommend Sony a6400!


Sony a6300 vs a6400Sony a6300 and Sony a6400, are two high-end DSLR cameras but between them, Sony a6400 would be a comparatively better option.

What Features Make Sony a6400 Better?

  • With Sony A6400, you will have stunning quality images in any light situation because it has a 100-32000 ISO range. Whereas the competitor comes with an ISO range of 100-25600.
  • It is built with a touchscreen display that allows you to easily control the functions as well as change the focus area with a single touch. Besides, the Sony a6300 does not have a touchscreen display.
  • This camera comes with a durable battery that will last for 410 shots with a single charge, while the Sony a6300 has a battery with a run-time of 350 shots. So the a6400 camera lets you cover an event or program easily.
  • Sony a6400 is compatible with the Bluetooth option, so it will be more flexible to transfer files to your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the a6300 doesn’t support this function.
  • You can rotate the display of the Sony a6400 which is great for recording videos or vlogs from any angle. Whereas the a6300 also has a tiltable display but when it comes to rotating, this is not convenient like the a6400 camera.

These specifications made the Sony a6400 better than the alternative. You will surely enjoy this device as the camera has all the features you may need.


Similar Features of Sony a6300 vs a6400

  • Sony a6300 and a6400 have 425 focus points thus, it will be easier to track and focus an object to capture crystal clear shots all the time.
  • The devices can be used to record 4K videos in cinema-quality full HD footage with photo-like sharpness and vibrant color.
  • They come with a 3-inch tiltable display so that you can use them for shooting tricky videos from different angles.
  • You will be able to record 5x slow-motion videos at 120fps with these cameras which will look stunning.

Quick Comparison: Sony a6300 vs a6400

Specifications Sony a6300 Sony a6400
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Color Black/Silver Black
Sensor Exmor CMOS Exmor RS CMOS
ISO 100-25600 100-32000
Expandable ISO 100-512008 100-102400
Focus Points 425 425
Battery  350/400 shots 410 shots
Display 3-inch tiltable  3-inch tiltable 
Flip Display No Yes
Bluetooth No Yes
Touchscreen No Yes
Viewfinder Electronic  LCD
Image Stabilization No No
Photo Sensor Size APS-C APS-C
Optical Zoom 3x 3x
Video Resolution 2160p 2160p
Product Dimension 6.2 x 5.7 x 5.2 inches 6.2 x 9.2 x 4.55 inches
Product Weight 1 lbs 1.70 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities Between Sony a6300 vs a6400


Sony a6300 & the a6400 have the usual Sony outlook with a premium touch. The controls are placed on the top right portion that can be easily accessed with the thumb and the index finger. Thus. The Sony a6300 is available in multiple color variants, while the a6400 has only a black variant. 


The devices come with the latest sensor and image processors to deliver smooth performance with fantastic picture quality. Sony a6300 comes with the Exmor CMOS sensor. The other device, the Sony a6400, comes with the Exmor RS CMOS sensor.


A good range of ISO is required to provide you with stunning images in any light environment. You should always prefer a camera with a wider range of ISO. The devices come with a decent range of ISO that will make your photos better. Sony a6300 comes with an ISO range of 100-2500. On the other hand, the Sony a6400 comes with an ISO range of 100-32000.


Both the cameras have a standard battery that will back you up for a good amount of time. Sony a6300 has a powerful battery that will last for 350 shots while using the viewfinder. If you use the LCD screen, you will be able to use the device for 400 shots. In contrast, the Sony a6400 has a slightly better camera. This camera will last for 410 shots with a single shot.

Focus Points

A larger number of focus points makes it easier to maintain and track an object during a capture. The devices will satisfy you with their performance in this segment. Sony a6300 and a6400 have a total of 425 focus points thus, it will be easier to track any object with the devices.


The cameras come with a 3-inch tiltable display. You will surely enjoy the display of the Sony a6400 because of the touchscreen feature. This feature will let you adjust the focused area with a single tap on the screen. The display of this camera is tiltable at a wide-angle that making the device suitable for vlogging. You can easily shoot self-videos or even take a selfie with this camera.


Sony a6300 comes with one of the fastest autofocus technology which is known as 4D focus. The device will lock focus on any object within 0.05 seconds. This feature will work for moving objects as well. The focus point with this autofocus will make the visuals sharper. This feature is also available in the Sony a6400. You will surely enjoy it while focusing on any object as the features make the process simpler. 

Continuous  Shooting

The 24.2-megapixel cameras are capable of continuous shooting at 11frames per second. This feature will provide you with images with more details. You will get an excellent image if the object was moving during the capture. The devices can shoot continuously for up to 116 JPEG images which will be surely amazing.


Both the cameras can shoot 4K videos with exceptional detail. There won’t be any pixel binning during a video recording. You can record 4K quality videos with the Sony a6300. Sony a6400 can be used to record 5x slow-motion videos with HD quality. You may use additional mic shoes to make your videos more enjoyable.


The devices are compatible with most pairing options, so there won’t be any complexity during file sharing. Sony a6300 supports WiFi and NFC to allow you easy transfer of photos. Sony a6300 doesn’t support the Bluetooth pairing option, while the Sony a6400 is compatible with Bluetooth. You can even share your files by using the PlayMemories app.

Durability & Warranty

They have a premium build quality with a weather-sealed body. The devices are equipped with a magnesium alloy body that will protect them from dust and moisture. It’s recommended to always use a camera bag to protect the device from any scratch. There will be a 1-year of warranty with the cameras while purchasing.

Final Words

Sony a6300 and Sony a6400 have almost the same features. Some unique characteristics kept the Sony a6400 ahead in this comparison. Sony a6400 has a better display, battery run-time, and a wider ISO range. This is why the Sony a6400 is the winner in this comparison. If you want a device with less budget, you may try the Sony a6300. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a6300 vs a6400

Is there any HDMI 4K out on the Sony a6400?

Yes. There is one, and it’s easy to access.

What is the highest frame rate of the Sony a6400?

Sony a6400 can shoot 4K videos at 120fps.

Are the devices weather resistant?

They do come with a weather-sealed body.

How much time do the batteries take to get fully charged?

It will take around 150 minutes to get them fully charged.

Are the battery and the charger included?
Sure. You will get a battery and a charger but no SD cards.

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