Sony a7s vs a7r

Sony a7S vs a7R – Check Why You Should Pick Sony a7S!


Sony a7s vs a7rSony a7S and a7R can be two great camera choices. But if you want to pick the best camera then we highly suggest Sony a7S because of some advanced specifications.

Why We Suggest Sony a7S?

  • Sony a7S comes with a 100-409600 ISO range while Sony a7R comes with an ISO range of 100-25600. With its higher ISO range, you can shoot high-quality photos and videos even in lower light environments, no matter it’s sunny skies or dimly-lit conditions.
  • It has a 5fps continuous shooting speed whereas the a7R camera’s speed is 4fps. Therefore, Sony a7S is slightly better at capturing the perfect moment of any fast-moving situation.
  • The a7s has built-in image stabilization that can provide you with smooth and stabilized video by eliminating the shake or unusual blurriness. Unfortunately, Sony a7R doesn’t have any built-in image stabilization.
  • Sony a7S has up to 360 shots of battery life, while the Sony a7R will last for 340 shots. Hence, you can click on more images with this camera. 

These are the points why the Sony a7S was stated as the better one. Sony a7S will make it worth every penny you’re investing.


Similar Features of Sony a7S vs a7R

  • Sony a7S and a7R have a 3-inch display with WhiteMagic technology that automatically adjusts the brightness.
  • They both are compatible with the PlayMemories app so that you can transfer your files effortlessly.
  • Both cameras have the latest RGB filter that will boost the image processor for sensational image quality.

Quick Comparison: Sony a7S vs a7R

Specifications Sony a7S Sony a7R
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.3 out of 5
Color Black Black
Form Factor SLR SLR
Shooting Modes Silent Shutter Silent Shooting
Sensor Exmor CMOS CMOS
Sensor Resolution 12.2mp 36.4mp
ISO 100-409600 100-25600
Continuous Shooting 5fps 4fps
Battery 360 shots 340 shots
Image Stabilization Yes No
Screen Size 3-inches 3-inches
Optical Zoom 1x 4x
Photo Sensor Size APS-C APS-C
Video Capture Resolution 1080p 1080p
Viewfinder Type Electronic Electronic
Product Dimension 5 x 1.89 x 3.7 inches 5 x 1.89 x 3.7 inches
Product Weight 1.08 lbs 1.03 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities Between Sony a7S vs a7R


The devices come in the traditional outlook that is available only in a black variant. The viewfinder is placed in the middle of the body to make you feel comfortable while using the devices. There is a grip on the right side of both the cameras placed to give the user a better balance while shooting. They both weigh around 1lbs, and the dimension of the devices are almost the same.

The sensor is one of the crucial parts of a camera, as the quality depends on the sensor. Sony a7S and the a7R come with decent sensor resolution with the latest sensor series. Sony a7S comes with the 12.2 megapixels Exmor CMOS sensor while the other one, Sony a7R, comes with the 36 megapixels CMOS sensor. In addition, there is a powerful image processor integrated with the sensors to enhance the performance. 

RGB Filter

Sony a7S & a7R are integrated with the new-generation RGB color filter that boosts the light collection efficiency of the image processor. This filter’s gapless on-chip design will help you get images with less noise and greater details. There is an AR coating applied on the surface that will eliminate the ghosting and the flare. You are assured of an amazing output while using the devices.


ISO refers to the sensitivity of a camera that is responsible for enhancing or decreasing the brightness of the photo. The cameras have a different range of ISO. Sony a7S comes with an ISO range of 100-409600. This broad range of ISO will make your picture quality better. On the other hand, Sony a7R comes with an ISO range of 100-25600. So the higher max ISO of the a7S will deliver you better images while shooting in a low light area. 


It’s always preferable to use a camera with a better run-time. You will be able to cover the whole function if the camera has a durable battery. The devices will satisfy you with their battery performance for sure. Sony a7S has a better run-time of 360 shots while the competitor will run 340 shots with a single charge.


Sony a7S is a specially optimized camera for 4K video. Whether you are in a daylight or low-light environment, the video will always be stunning. The camera comes with the latest ‘direct pixel readout’ feature that uses the entire width of the image sensor. During a video, every pixel of the sensor will be sued to process data. Sony a7R isn’t a great camera for video recording. 

Silent Mode

Don’t worry if you need to use your camera for wildlife photography. Sony a7S can shoot objects without making any sound. This device comes with the silent shutter mode that eliminates the mechanical shutter noise while shooting. It will be a perfect device for use as a wildlife camera or even for newborn photography. 

Continuous Shooting

The devices can be used for continuous shooting with a decent frame per second. Sony a7S is capable of 5fps continuous shooting while the alternative, Sony a7R, does the same job at 4fps. You will be able to catch every detail of a moving object because of this specification.


Sony a7S & a7R comes with a 3-inch Xtra Fine LCD display. The display will be perfect if you want to shoot videos, as you can easily adjust the framing and angles. There is a WhiteMagic technology used while making the display that will automatically adjust the brightness based on the daylight. The display will provide you solid color tone that will be exactly the same as naked eyes.


You will get to see every scene in finer detail with the XGA OLED viewfinder of the Sony a7S. The viewfinder of this device features an OLED improvement that will help you to shoot better. You will be able to accurately monitor the object while shooting as the viewfinder displays the object that will appear in your recording. Sony a7R also comes with an OLED viewfinder that faithfully shows the objects while focusing.


The devices are compatible with multiple connectivity options. You can share your files with your smartphone without any complexation. They are compatible with WiFI and NFC. The NFC offers a ‘one-touch connection’ during file sharing. You can even share your pictures by using the PlayMemeories app. This flexibility of file sharing made the devices suitable for studio purposes.

Durability & Warranty

Sony a7S and the a7R come in a premium build quality that can be guessed from the outlook. They are among the finest available in the market. They are very lightweight. Thus, you can easily carry them anywhere you want. You will have a 1-year of warranty with the camera device while purchasing.


The devices are equipped with all the features you may look for.  The performance of the devices will surely satisfy you. Sony a7R will be the better choice if you want a durable battery and a broader ISO range. Sony a7R is also a great device with a higher sensor resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a7S vs a7R

Do they record videos of a longer duration?

You will be able to record videos for up to 29 minutes.

Is there any lens included with the cameras?

No. You can choose one while purchasing.

Is there any heating issue while shooting 4K videos?

No, not at all. The cameras will perform well while recording 4K videos.

Can I use the PlayMemories app for shooting?

Sure. The app can be used for shooting and sharing files as well.

Are they compatible with other lenses?

Yes, You will be required to use additional adaptors for that.

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