Sony a9 vs a7riv

Sony a9 vs a7riv – Check Why Sony a7riv is Best!


Sony a9 vs a7rivSony a9 and Sony a7riv are two impressive camera devices. But between these two, we highly recommend the Sony a7riv for you.

Why We Recommend Sony a7riv?

  • Sony a7riv has a better sensor resolution of 61 megapixels that will provide you stunning visuals. In contrast, the alternative comes with a sensor resolution of 24 megapixels only.
  • The run-time of the Sony a7riv camera is enough to cover any kind of function with a single charge as it lasts for up to 670 shots. On the contrary, the competitor will last for 610 shots.
  • This camera weighs less than the Sony a9. Thus, you won’t feel uncomfortable while carrying this device for a long session.
  • You will get an upgraded viewfinder on this camera, which ensures incomparable image quality. Thus, Sony a7riv contains 5760k dots, and the other one has a total of 3686k dots only.

These specs made Sony a7riv unbeatable in this comparison. If you want to get excellent quality visuals then choose this one without a second thought.


Similar Features of Sony a9 vs a7riv

  • They both have the same range of expendable ISO that sets the amount of light needed for a good exposure.
  • Both the cameras have a touchscreen tiltable display. So, you can tilt 107 degrees up and 41 degrees down to see what you capture instantly.

Quick Comparison: Sony a9 vs a7R IV

Specifications Sony a9 Sony a7RIV
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Sensor Resolution 24 megapixels 61 megapixels
ISO 100-51200 100-32000
Expandable ISO 50-102800 50-102800
Focus Points 693 567
Battery 610 shots 670 shots
Viewfinder Resolution 3686.4k dots 5760k dots
Mirrorless Yes Yes
Color Black Black
Display 3-inch tiltable 3-inch tiltable
Touchscreen Yes Yes
Wireless Connectivity Yes Yes
Product Dimension 5.67 x 9.61 x 6.14 inches 3.8 x 3.05 x 5.07 inches
Product Weight 1.30 lbs 1.28 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities: Sony a9 vs a7R IV


The devices have the traditional camera structure yet they look so premium. Both devices have only the black variant with a rubber grip on the right side of the body.

The rigid grip will make you hold the device with proper balance. The viewfinder is placed in the middle of the cameras. There are different controls placed on the camera that can be easily accessible without any complexation. 


Sony a9 & the Sony a7R IV come with a similar sensor version. They both are integrated with the latest full-stacked BSI CMOS sensor. There will be less noise with proper details as the devices have the upgraded BIONZ X image processor as the engine. The area-specific noise reduction will enhance the picture quality exactly how you want it.  


You will get stunning images from both devices. Sony a9 has a standard ISO range that is suitable for any light environment. You shouldn’t worry even if you are shooting in a low-light environment.

This device has a total of 693 focus points that will make you able to maintain focus on an object without any complexation. On the other hand, Sony a7R IV also has a decent ISO range and satisfactory focus points.


The devices are pre-installed with Lithium-ion batteries that will provide you solid run-time without any pause. Sony a9 will last for 610 shots, while the Sony a7R IV will last for 670 images. You will be able to cover any occasion with a single charge if you have these devices in your hand.


The devices are capable of recording 4K videos with maximum resolution. You will be delighted with the video quality of the devices. Sony a7R IV can be used to capture stunning movies with the rigorous AF.

The device will deliver the best cinematic visuals even if the object is moving. This camera will be a standard option for wildlife filmmaking or vlogging as well.


Sony a9 vs a7riv has a touchscreen display of the devices that will let you adjust the focused area with a single tap. The tiltable display can be set at different angles thus you can shoot self-videos with the devices.

Sony a7R IV has a 3-inch display that tilts 107-degrees up and 41-degrees down. The display of this device has 1.44-million dots that will provide you with accurate color gradation with actual tone.


The stabilizer is one of the crucial factors that are responsible for getting a smooth video or image. They both have the 5-axis stabilization that is algorithm-optimized thus you will get a smooth output. The stabilization will encounter different types of camera shakes and make your visuals more stunning.


You have the flexibility of sharing your files as the cameras have multiple connectivity options. They are compatible with Bluetooth & WiFi so that you can share your files instantly. You can even transfer your files by using the NFC option as well. The USB inputs are placed on the left of the body with a cover on top of it.

Durability & Warranty

The cameras are standard for any purpose. You won’t have any objection about any aspect as they have all the required features to make an output amazing. They have a weather-sealed body that will protect them in extreme weather. Sony a9 has a monolithic SD card that will be protected from water and dust contact. The manufacturer offers a 1-year of warranty for the mentioned cameras.

Final Words

Sony is one of the finest camera device manufacturers. They both have a very decent ISO range with focus points. No doubt that the output will be amazing. If you want to get the best then your choice should be the Sony a7R IV. You can try the Sony a7R IV if you want a device with more ISO range and focus points.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a9 vs a7R IV

Does the Sony a7R IV support FTP transfer?

Sure. You can even avail of this feature as background transfer.

How good is the AF in low-light?

The AF will be accurate and precise. 

Do they have any GPS features?

Yes, You can get the GPS while using the edge mobile software.

Is there any shutter count limitation?

No, there isn’t. They are durable for a long period.

Are they compatible with the A mount?

Yes. They are recommended to use with a Sony E mount.

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