Sony a9g vs LG CX

Sony a9g vs LG CX – Which OLED TV Is the Best & Why?

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Sony a9g vs LG CXSony a9g and LG CX have next-level features that anyone wants to get on their OLED TVs. But between them, you can choose LG CX

What Makes LG CX A Better Choice?

  • LG CX integrated with A9 GEN 3 AI 4K processor that automatically makes every scene smoother, clearer, more dynamic, and better. Besides, the Sony a9g has an X1 Ultimate processor, and it ensures the picture is almost identical to the real thing. Yet, the LG processor can deliver better results when watching TV.
  • Its OLED pixels emit light to adjust an intense color, perfect black with a stunning picture. On the other hand, Sony TV does not adjust when emitting light, which is a downside of this TV. 
  • The CX TV combines with the webOS platform, which is fast; it has more than 600 apps, including 180 free streaming channels. Hence, you can watch your favorite show or movies in no time. Sony a9g, in contrast, is equipped with Google Play Store, and it does not provide many apps. 
  • Both TVs are built with gaming mode, but it has the latest gaming features like FreeSync and NVIDIA G-SYNC. At the same time, its rival device does not include these properties. However, its fantastic gaming feature provides a high refresh rate with an incredibly smooth and responsive gaming mode. 

LG CX comes with the best processor, webOS, and next-level gaming features you can see. So, you should consider these functions to make your investment worth it.  

Similar Features of LG CX and Sony a9g

  • LG CX and Sony a9g OLED TVs produce 360-degree sound so that you get the thrilling feel of your home like a theatre. 
  • They are integrated with Apple AirPlay and Netflix Calibrated Mode for effortless use and watching any premium videos you want. 
  • They have a one-year limited warranty for any manufacturer’s damages. 

Quick Comparison Chart: Sony a9g vs. LG CX

Specifications  Sony a9g  LG CX
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Processor X1 Ultimate processor A9 GEN 3 AI 4K processor
Display TRILUMINOS, display Dolby Vision IQ
Gaming Mode Yes Yes; G-SYNC, FreeSync, VRR, HGiG
Voice Compatible  Yes Yes
WebOS No, Google PlayStore Yes with more than 600 apps plus 180 free streaming channels
Sound Quality  360-degree 360-degree
Apple AirPlay Yes Yes
Netflix Calibrated Mode Yes Yes
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year 

Differences and Similarities between Sony a9g & LG CX OLED TV

Picture Quality 

When it comes to purchasing an OLED TV, you should consider its picture quality. However, Sony XBR A9G TV integrated with TRILUMINOS display which produces the creator intended with its advanced gradation and color. As a result, it brings true-to-life picture quality to enjoy your favorite movie or TV shows to the fullest. 

Besides, the LG CX OLED TV is equipped with Dolby Vision IQ, which automatically changes the ambient condition. Also, it delivers stunning picture quality that redefines quality. Its pixel-level dimming emits millions of OLED light independently, which can be completely turned off. So you won’t miss any detail from the gridiron to the iron throne. 

But the best thing about LG CX is that the TV has a fluid motion feature that can handle fast movements in sports or action sequences. So you will be immersed in whatever you are watching with minor stuttering. 

These two produce incredible pictures, but LG CX is slightly better; you can think about this TV. 


These two OLED TVs have a next-level processor to ensure the best quality picture for you. But there’s a slight difference between these two. 

For instance, LG CX integrated with A9 GEN 3 AI 4K processor makes everything more precise, smoother, and better automatically. Moreover, its advanced 4K processor produces AI Sound, AI Picture Pro, and AI 4K Upscaling; thus, your TV evolves. 

On the other hand, Sony XBR A9G is built with Sony’s best X1 Ultimate processor. It analyzes content to bring intense contrast while watching TV. Also, it brings contrast at its peak brightness and natural color, which is fantastic. 

Both OLED TVs combine the incredible processors, but if you want seamless and eye soothing performance, LG CX would be your best bet. 

Sound Quality 

Sony and LG TVs provide 360-degree sound while watching movies or news, sports, or TV shows in terms of sound quality.

However, the Sony TV has picture quality reality since it is integrated with Acoustic Surface Audio+. Additionally, it has two powerful subwoofers that provide multi-dimensional sound. Thus, you will be fully immersed plus experience a new thing. 

You can use the BRAVIA to hear dialogue, instruments, or vocals with exceptional clarity. To get this experience, you need to connect the home theater to the BRAVIA and enjoy the breathtaking sound. 

At the same time, LG CX includes Dolby Atmos, which creates multi-dimensional surround sound; thus, you will feel 360-degree sound. However, these two OLED TVs produce unique sounds every time, unbeatable. 

Voice Compatibility 

Sony and LG OLED are smart Android TVs that work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With Google Assistant, you can control your TV plus other smart home appliances. Additionally, it can search for movies for you and, at the same time, helps you to answer phone calls or manage any tasks. 

Besides, with Alexa, you can ask to change a channel, turn on/off the TV or adjust the volume. 

Moreover, both of them also come with intelligent remote control with a built-in microphone that makes it effortless to use since you can use your voice to control the device. 


LG CX and Sony A9G smart OLED TVs have a gaming mode to take your PlayStation to the next level. In addition, both of them feature dedicated game modes that deliver a responsive gaming experience. 

But if you are game enthusiasts, then LG CX would be your best bet. LG CX smart TV is built for incredible gaming. It has AI-Powered picture quality that will take you to the moment. Moreover, the device featured the latest technology like FreeSync, and NVIDIA G-SYNC to deliver an edge with less lag. But you will get a high refresh rate and responsive gameplay. 

Screen Sizes 

Sony A9G OLED TV comes in three different screen sizes 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. In contrast, LG CX comes in four other size options 48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. If you do not require a bigger screen, then LG also has a 48-inch TV that you can choose from. 

App Compatible 

LG CX is compatible with the Apple TV+ app that lets you watch original movies or shows you love. Also, it enables you to buy or rent movies from premium channels. Thus, you can discover what’s the best on it since the app can be personalized. 

But both Sony and LG TVs have Netflix Calibrated Mode. Hence, you can watch thousands of movies, series, or whichever you want. 


Sony A9G and LG CX devices combine with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturer damages. Remember, if you damage any part, you cannot claim for free repair. However, these two are built with quality material so that you can use them for years to come. 

Final Words 

When it comes to choosing an OLED TV, there are many options available. 

Sony a9G and LG CX TVs are built with incredible features compared to other brands. These two can deliver outstanding picture quality and sound, and both are effortless to use and a perfect match for game enthusiasts. 

They share many features, but we highly recommend the LG CX OLED TV since its features are better than the Sony a9g. And if you want to save some bucks or looking for an affordable option, then go with Sony a9g.

Frequently Asked Questions about LG CX and Sony a9g 

Do they support HDMI 2.1?

Yes, both Sony and LG smart TV support HDMI 2.1.

Does Sony TV integrate with Dolby Vision?

Yes, the TV has built-in Dolby Vision so that you can immerse in whatever you are watching. 

How can I clean the LG CX screen?

Do not use any water or glass cleaner to clean the screen; gently wipe out the screen with a dry, soft microfiber cloth.

Can I install the Nord VPN app on Sony?

Yes, the app is available on PlayStore, so you can install it. 

Does LG CX work with Google Play?

No, LG CX doesn’t support Google Play, but it has a 5.0 webOS. And the webOS includes more than 600 apps with 180 free streaming channels. 

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