Sony a9ii vs a7riv

Sony a9II vs a7RIV – Check Why You Should Pick Sony a9II!


Sony a9ii vs a7rivBetween Sony a9 II and the Sony a7R IV, I would recommend you to choose Sony a9 II as this device include some impressive characteristics.

Why I Recommend to Choose Sony a9ii?

  • Sony a9 II comes with the Exmor RS sensor that’s the world’s first stacked CMOS image sensor, which ensures incredible high-speed performance and outstanding image quality. In contrast, the Sony a7riv comes with an Exmor R sensor that can’t provide the quality like a9 II.
  • You will get better images in any light environment because of the wide ISO range of this device. The ISO range of the Sony a9 II is 100-51200, whereas the competitor has an ISO range of 100-32000.
  • a9 II maintains its shooting speed of up to 20fps which helps to capture all the fast-moving objects and provides extraordinary photo quality. On the contrary, a7riv can maintain its shooting speed of up to 10fps only.
  • The higher focus points of the Sony a9 II will make it easier for you to maintain and track focus on an object. There are 693 focus points on this camera, while the Sony a7R IV has only 567 focus points.
  • It has a run-time of 690 shots without any pause on this device. On the other hand, the alternative will last for 670 images with a single charge.
  • Sony a9 II is compatible with the tethered shooting that made this device perfect for studio photographers. The other camera isn’t compatible with this feature.

This camera device is perfect for anyone, whether you’re looking for a camera device or video. The quality will surely satisfy you with the upgraded specs.


Similar Features of Sony a9II vs a7RIV

  • They come with an electronic viewfinder that provides an accurate preview of the depth of field and exposure for a stunning shot.
  • The display of the devices is tiltable with a touchscreen feature that ensures the convenience of use.
  • The cameras are capable of shooting 2160p videos. As a result, you will get high-resolution videos.
  • They both have the FTP transfer feature. So, the user can continue to shoot still images while transferring any file or images.

Quick Comparison: Sony a9 II vs a7R IV

Specifications  Sony a9 II Sony a7R IV
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Black Black
Sensor Exmor RS CMOS Exmor R CMOS
Focus Points 693 567
ISO 100-51200 100-32000
Battery 690 shots 670 shots
Display 3-inch tiltable  3-inch tiltable 
Storage Slot Dual Dual
Continuous Shooting 20fps 10fps
Optical Sensor Size Full-frame Full-frame
Optical Sensor Resolution 24.2 megapixels 61 megapixels
Video Resolution 2160p 2160p
Compatible Mountings Sony E Sony E
Product Dimension 3.8 x 3.05 x 5.07 inches 3.8 x 3.05 x 5.07 inches
Product Weight 0.23 ounces 0.16 ounces
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities Between Sony a9II vs a7RIV


Sony a9 II & the a7R IV are two great devices with standard body structures. They are very lightweight compared to the other traditional camera devices.

They have most of the controls as a circular button so that you can adjust the settings with just a single fingertip. The input for the USB purposes is placed on the left side of the device with a cover on top of it.


The cameras have a different version of ISO. Sony a9 II comes with an optical sensor of 24.2 megapixels and the Exmor RS CMOS sensor. The full-frame sensor will provide you with incredible high-speed performance with stunning image quality.

The BIONZ X image processor will ensure that you are getting an image with less noise and more significant details. The other camera, the Sony a7R IV, is integrated with the 61 megapixels black illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. The device will surely deliver you a top-notch performance because of the upgraded sensor.


If you shoot in a low-light setting, you will still get good pictures. The ISO range of the devices is standard for any situation. Sony a9 II is the preferable one because of the ISO range of 100 – 51200. On the alternative, you’ll have a 100-32000 ISO range on the Sony a7R IV.

Focus Points

Focus points are the camera’s frame that is responsible for locking the subject. The more focus points a device has, the easier it would be to track an object.

The mentioned devices have pretty much focus points that are enough to get a satisfactory performance. Sony a9 II contains a total of 693 focus points, and the competitor has a total of 567 focus points.

Display & Viewfinder

The devices come with a 3-inch tiltable touchscreen display. This display will make you able to get the exact idea of your output as the color gradation is natural with a more transparent tone. You will be able to adjust the focus area with just a single tap on the screen.

The electric viewfinder of the devices has perfect resolution with maximum coverage. The high luminance viewfinder of the devices will surely provide you with some advantages while capturing images.

Remote Shooting

This is a unique feature of the Sony a9 II. The camera can be connected to a computer via USB to use as a PC remote while shooting. There is a dedicated Sony app available that is called ‘Imaging Edge Remote’ for desktops that will make you able to perform this task.

PC remote shooting will be beneficial for studio photographers as this will provide them with real-time output with a fast image transfer feature.

FTP Transfer

Both the cameras support FTP background transfer for JPEG and RAW file delivery. This will allow you to continue your shooting while transferring the files. Thus, you are saving your battery and time. You can even save up to nine FTP servers for a quick recall. This feature made them versatile compared to the other usual camera devices.

Image Quality

You should have no concerns about the picture quality because you are getting the best. Sony a9 II has a decent ISO range with enough focus points that you can surely figure out the best image quality even if you are not a professional.

This device is capable of real-time tracking that will be useful to capture moving objects with enough details. The other camera, the Sony a7R IV, will also do a fine job of delivering quality images. The real-time Eye-AF will make sure that you are getting stunning portraits.


Sony a9 II and the Sony a7R IV are capable of shooting HD videos with full details. Sony a9 II can shoot 4K videos with a cinematic vibe. Sony a7R IV can be used to capture 4K videos without any binning in 35mm mode as they have dual memory slots so you will be able to shoot videos of long durations. 

Durability & Warranty

Sony is one of the most durable brands available in the market. In order to ensure consistency, there is no compromise. They have a long-lasting battery with a weather-sealed body. You will have a 1-year of warranty for the camera mentioned above.

Final Words

Sony a9 II and the a7R IV are two impressive devices with so many features. They can be used for many functions, as the images and the videos are both top-notch. Sony a9 II is comparatively better in this comparison because of the upgraded specs. You may pick the Sony a7R IV if you are okay with the basic specs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a9II vs a7RIV

What is the macro image quality of the devices?

You will get stunning macro images on the devices for sure.

Can I shoot 4K videos at 120fps on the Sony a7R IV?

You can shoot 4K videos at 24fps and 30fps on this device.

Do they have image stabilization?

Yes. They come with 5-axis image stabilization.

What is the photo-sensor size?

They have a 35mm full-frame photo-sensor.

Can I shoot large videos with the devices?

Sure. They come with dual-memory slots. 

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