Sony Nex 7 vs a6000

Sony Nex 7 vs a6000 – Check the differences & get the best camera


Sony Nex 7 vs a6000Sony Nex 7 & a6000 DSLR cameras have some similarities but the best one is the Sony a6000.

What Makes it the Best?

  • There are a total of 179 focus points in this camera that will help you focus and monitor an object with more precision. The competitor comes with only 25 focus points.
  • Sony a6000 includes an NFC option that allows you to transfer photos faster. Besides, the other one isn’t compatible with this feature.
  • This camera comes with a 3x optical zoom so that you can take a better image of objects that are not close. Unfortunately, Sony Nex 7 comes with a 1x zoom.
  • It has a mic input that helps you record videos for filmography or vlogging, while the alternative doesn’t have any external mic input.
  • Sony a6000 comes with a higher ISO of 25,600 plus has a pop-up flash that can be useful during taking photos in a low-light environment. Moreover, you will get stunning images without any noise. Sony Nex 7, on the other side, comes with a higher ISO of 16,000, and it doesn’t include the pop-up flash. 

These specs will provide you an advantage in every sector. You won’t regret this decision, and that’s a guarantee.


Similar features between Sony Nex 7 vs a6000

  • They both have a decent battery backup.
  • They have the same display.
  • Both are capable of shooting 1080p video.
  • They are very lightweight and slim.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications Sony Nex 7 Sony a6000
Editor’s Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Black Black/Silver/White/Graphite
Optical Zoom 1x 3x
ISO 16,000 25,600
Sensor APS-C CMOS Sensor Exmor CMOS Sensor
Focus Point 25 179
Mic input No Yes
Pop-Up Flash No Yes
NFC No Yes
Image Processor  N/A BIONZ
App No Yes
Screen Size 3-inches 3-inches
Video Capture Resolution 1080p 1080p
Product Dimension 1.69 x 2.75 x 4.75 inches 4.72 x 1.77 x 2.64 inches
Product Weight 10.3 ounces 12.2 ounces
Battery 1-Lithium-ion Battery 1-Lithium Metal Battery
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Sony Nex 7 vs a6000 


These devices have quite the same sensor. Sony a6000 comes with the 24.3MP EXMOR CMOS sensor, while the Nex 7 comes with APS-C CMOS Sensor. Sony a6000 is integrated with a black illuminated 35mm full-frame sensor for a better output. The sensors are well balanced with the image processors & will work great.


The cameras are small in size and are very comfortable to monitor as well. Sony a6000 will provide you the full DSLR control to shoot like a pro. There are two dials on the top and a rear-mounted control wheel to allow you to select a mode during the shoot quickly. There is also an Fn button and some customizable buttons that will enhance your photography expertise for sure.


You will have an excellent full HD video on the Sony a6000. This camera is capable of recording 1080p video with 60fps. You will get cinematic videos on this device. As this one has a total of 179 focus points, that means you are not missing any details of your video. You can even track a moving object while shooting a video through this camera. Sony Nex 7 is also a decent camera for shooting video, but the output will be better on the Sony a6000.


Sony a6000 comes with the BIONZ image processor that reproduces textures and details into your images in real-time. This high-speed processing will deliver you a stunning image with natural detail. There will be less noise and a more realistic image because of this feature. Unfortunately, Sony Nex 7 doesn’t have this advanced processor thus, the image quality won’t be as great as the a6000.


The cameras have a slightly different outlook. Sony a6000 has an ergonomic grip for more comfortable use. Your hand will fit well in the space so that you don’t lose concentration while shooting. They have the control placed in the perfect place, and your thumb will reach them all. Sony Nex 7 comes in a black variant, but the a6000 has some variety of colors. This camera is available in four different colors so that you can pick the one you like. The color variants are black, silver, white, and graphite.


Both the devices have a 3.0-inch LCD. Sony a6000 comes with a 921K dots Xtra Fine LCD that will make your photography better than before. The display is tiltable for 90-degree in up and 45-degree in the down position. You will be able to scroll down to the menus with the WhiteMagic technology. This tech will automatically increase the visibility in daylight so that you have the visual in a perfect ratio.


You will get a gorgeous low-light image on the Sony a6000 as this device has a 20% higher sensitivity than the Sony Nex 7. The newly developed sensor with the advanced processor will provide you a top-notch image that will be way better than the Nex 7. Sony a6000 has an ISO range of 100-25000 that will be very much effective for low-light. This camera features an additional pop-up flash that will provide some additional brush of light.


Sony a6000 allows you to pair through Bluetooth or NFC for a faster transfer. You have the option to share your photos with the help of these options instantly. There is also a dedicated app compatible with Sony a6000 to transfer photos. This device has simplified the connectivity option with a one-touch feature by introducing the NFC. The other one, Nex 7, unfortunately, is not compatible with NFC.

Durability & Warranty 

Both the devices come in a compact shape that you will be able to carry easily. They are durable and maintain premium quality. You can use these cameras for a long period without any issue. Sony gives a 1-year of warranty for the devices.

Final Words

Sony Nex 7 and the a6000 are two great cameras. Their image & video quality is top class, also, these devices are suitable for any purpose. Sony a6000 is undoubtedly the Winner in this comparison because of the advanced features. If you are looking for a normal camera in a compact size, you may go for the Sony Nex 7.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony Nex 7 vs a6000 

Is there any battery drain on the devices?

No. They will provide you a decent battery backup.

Will they fit into my pocket?

Yes. They both are very compact sized & will fit well.

What is the optical zoom in the Sony Nex 7?

Sony Nex 7 comes with a 1x zoom.

How good are they for streaming?

They are perfect & recommended for streaming.

Are they both Mirrorless cameras?

Yes. Both are mirrorless digital cameras.

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