Sony RX100 VI vs VII

Sony RX100 VI vs VII – Check & Grab the Best Camera!


Sony RX100 VI vs VIIIf you are stuck choosing one between Sony RX100 VI & VI, I would recommend choosing the Sony RX100 VII.

Why I recommend Sony RX100 VII?

  • Sony RX100 VII comes with an 8.3x optical zoom, whereas the other one has only 2.9x zoom. Thus you will be able to shoot long-distance images better on the Sony RX VII.
  • The battery of the Sony RX100 VII is better than the competitor. Sony RX100 VII can shoot up to 260 shots with a single charge, while the other can shoot only 240 images.
  • This camera comes with an updated Eye-AF feature that will provide you better portraits and still image. But the Sony RX100 VI isn’t as effective as the RX100 VII.
  • Sony RX100 VII is compatible with Animal Eye-AF and tracks that made this device perfect for wildlife photography while the other one doesn’t have this feature.
  • This camera weighs less than the RX100 VI. So, you can carry this one throughout the whole day without feeling any discomfort.

You will be fully pleased with the quality of the Sony RX100 VII. This camera may look small but does a great job, and you’re going to love it. Click the following buttons to check the price.


Similar features between Sony RX100 VI vs. VII

  • They are compatible with Zeiss mounting.
  • They come with an optical zoom feature.
  • They are very compact.
  • They have super image stabilization.

Quick Comparison

Specifications Sony RX100 VI Sony RX100 VII
Editor’s Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Color Black Black
Mountings Zeiss Zeiss
Screen Size 3-inches 3-inches
Optical Sensor  20.1 megapixels 21 megapixels
ISO 125-12800 125-12800
Continuous Shooting 10fps 24.0fps
Optical Zoom 2.9x 8.3x
Battery Life 240 shots 260 shots
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
Animal Eye-AF No Yes
Eye-AF Tracking Yes Yes
Video Resolution 2160p 2160p
Product Dimension 4 x 1.7 x 2.29 inches 4 x 1.68 x 2.38 inches
Product Weight 0.66 lbs 0.61 lbs
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Sony RX100 VI vs. VII


The devices have a different outlook than the traditional camera models. They come in a compact size and don’t weigh much. You can keep them in your pocket with a cover. The buttons are placed well so that you can control them easily. You will be able to use the cameras in a single hand. 


Sony RX100 VI & Sony RX100 VII comes with the latest sensor to have a stunning output. Sony RX100 VI is installed with a 1.0-type CMOS sensor. The other one, Sony RX100 VII, is also stacked with this newly developed 1.0-type CMOS image sensor. The device has the latest BIONZ X image-processing that introduces new dimensions in speed and image quality.


The video quality will be top-notch as the devices have the updated image stabilization feature. This enhanced stabilization lets you capture a smooth 4K video even while walking. It doesn’t matter how much the camera moves during the recording, and the output will always be smooth.

Continuous Shooting

You will get high-quality images through continuous shooting. The constant shooting does the job with a set interval of 1 to 60 seconds with AE tracking. Sony RX100 VII comes with a rapid, continuous shooting with improved capabilities. You will be able to change the internal shooting functions from the settings.


The device does a fine job of tracking and focusing eyes while capturing a portrait. The sophisticated Eye AF comes with superior tracking performance as it focuses the object with maximum accuracy. This feature will help you to keep the focus on the object to have a stunning still. Though both the cameras have this feature, the output of the Sony RX100 VII would be better than the other because of the upgrade.


They have almost the same ISO range. Sony RX100 VI & Sony RX100 VII come with the ISO range of 125-12800. This ISO will help you to have a rich image without any noise. You will get a decent image even in a low-light environment.

Mic Input

Sony RX100 VII comes with an external mic input for sound. You are getting an external input even in a compact-sized camera that is one of the major advantages of this device. The 3.5mm input will be effective for professional audio capture for movies or vlogging.


Sony RX100 VI & Sony RX100 VII comes with a tiltable touchscreen display. The touchscreen display will let you control the focus with a single touch from the screen. You will be able to tilt up the Sony RX100 VII’s display for up to 180-degree. The display can be tilted down for 90-degree to shoot from high or low angles. You will feel comfortable while using this camera for self-recording.


You will be able to shoot cinematic videos with the devices. They are capable of recording 4K videos. They are compatible with Eye-AF during videos as well. The color and tone will stay natural as a newly developed image sensor are used on the devices. 

Durability & Warranty

They are compact-sized cameras with all the unique features. You can use them for any purpose, whether it’s basic or professional. They are suitable for wildlife and normal capture as well. You will have a 1-year of warranty from the manufacturer, Sony.


I guess you are no more confused about which one is the best. They both have the unique specs that made them the ultimate choice for photographers. Sony RX100 VII is the winner in this comparison as this has the features in an upgraded aspect. You may try the Sony RX100 VI if you are satisfied with the basic features on a low budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony RX100 VI vs. VII

Do they come with additional kits?

Yes. You will be able to buy them separately.

Are they compatible with wireless microphones?

Yes. You can use wireless microphones with the devices.

What is the video resolution of the cameras?

They record videos at 2160p.

Can I track the subject through the screen?

Sure. You can focus and track through the screen.

Where is the flash located in the devices?

Both the cameras have a pop-up flash.

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