Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80t

Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80t – Which TV Is the Best & Why?


Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80tSony X900H and Samsung Q80t TV deliver life-like smoothness for gaming and movies. But if you want to pick the best one then we strongly recommend the Samsung Q80t

Why Should You Pick Samsung Q80t?

  • Samsung Q80t built with Quantum 4k processor delivers faster and smoother performance plus crystal clear picture every time. Besides, Sony X900H has an X1 processor, which can produce more color than any conventional television, but it cannot beat the Q80t. 
  • It is a QLED TV that produces 100% color volume and has an ultra viewing angle. Thus, it reduces glare and enhances color to provide a vibrant picture from any angle. On the other hand, the X900H is a LED TV, and it doesn’t have any viewing angle. 
  • The Q80T combines with Ambient Mode+; thus, you can set up the TV as wall decor, which is convenient. Unfortunately, the rival TV doesn’t combine this impressive feature. 
  • This TV comes in five different sizes while the Sony has four sizes. Since it has more options, you can choose the size you want. 

Hopefully, now you understand the differences that made the Samsung Q80t a better choice. But if you are impressed with Sony features, go with this instead. 


Similar Features of Sony X900H and Samsung Q80t

  • Sony X900H and Samsung Q80t TVs are integrated with voice commands for seamless operation. 
  • They have a 120Hz refresh rate which is better for gaming or watching the video. 
  • Both TVs come with a one-year limited warranty for any manufacturer damages. 
  • The X900H and Q80t televisions have wifi & Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect them to the internet. Hence, you will get access to thousands of movies, songs, music, or whatever you want. 

Quick Comparison Chart: Sony X900H vs Samsung Q80t

Specifications  Sony X900H Samsung Q80T
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.6 out of 5
Picture Processor X1 4K  HDR Processor Quantum Processor 4K
Display Technology LED (Full-Array) QLED (Full Array)
Viewing Angle N/A Ultra Viewing Angle
Ambient Mode+ No Yes
Size Variant  Four different size (55″ / 65″ / 75″ / 85″) Five different sizes (50inches, 55”, 65”,75”, 85”)
Voice Assistant  Google Assistant & Alexa Built-in Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby
Display Resolution 4K HDR 4K UHD 
Weight  51.20 lbs ‎88.8 pounds
HDR Compatibility  Yes Yes 
Refresh Rate 120 Hz 120 Hz
Netflix Calibrated Mode Yes  Yes 
Wi-Fi Connectivity  Yes  Yes 
Bluetooth  Yes (version 4.2) Yes (version 4.2)
Dolby Vision & Atmos Yes  Yes 
Warranty 1-year limited  1-year limited 

Differences and Similarities between Sony X900H & Samsung Q80t


Sony delivers you glorious 4K pictures with real-world detail plus texture. That’s because the TV is combined with a 4K HDR X1 processor. The X900H’s X1 processor reproduces more color compared to any conventional television. Furthermore, it processes & analyzes data in every image; henceforth, you will feel the pictures are closer than ever to real life. 

Besides, Samsung Q80t integrated with Quantum Processor 4k, which is faster and smarter. As a result, it can deliver an immersive experience since it can automatically optimize the picture. While the processor also allows you to discover the detail with bold contrast since it can intelligently adjust and deliver unparalleled contrast. 

However, compared to the X1 processor, the Quantum Processor is better because it provides you with better image quality. 

Display Technology 

Sony X950H lets you discover the real picture that brings out the fine detail. It has a full-array LED that gives realistic contrast that makes light areas lighter while dark areas dark. Moreover, the TV can adjust the brightness level at its higher peak, which is convenient. 

Sony X900H is integrated with the latest X-Motion Clarity technology, which keeps everything smooth, clear, yet bright. In addition, the TV automatically boosts the brightness when needed; thus, you won’t miss a beat. 

Samsung Q80T has a direct full array that offers deeper contrast for brighter whites and richer blacks. Additionally, it has an ultra viewing angle with the anti-glare feature. As a result, it reduces the glare and increases the color to provide a vibrant picture so that you can see the detailed picture no matter where you sit. Additionally, the Q80t has a quantum HDR mode, which gives fine-tuned shades for cinematic color. 

Unfortunately, the X900H TV doesn’t give you the viewing angle, which is inconvenient. So, if you want to experience the best, go with the Samsung Q80T. 

Sound Quality 

Samsung Q80T TV and soundbar have a perfect harmony for the revolutionary sound. This lets you immerse in the ultimate surround sound experience, which is fantastic. 

In contrast, Sony X900H has sound-positioning tweeters, which help optimize the sound location on the screen. Thus, you can control the audio from the right part of the scene. 

However both devices produce immersive sound, but if you want to experience the best, then the Samsung Q80t should be your choice. 

Game Mode 

Sony X900H TV features the latest HDMI 2.1 that is combined with VRR, ALLM. You can take the gaming experience to the next level with Sony’s 4K gaming TV. Its refresh rate is 120Hz, giving a dedicated performance for smoother and more responsive gaming.

On the other hand, Samsung Q80T combined with Real Game Enhancer+ and extra motion clarity reduces the blurriness in the fast-moving scene, while the AMD FreeSync reduces stuttering and tearing. Moreover, with this TV, you don’t need to have to make manual adjustments; instead, the device will do it for you.  

Therefore, if you are a hardcore game lover, Samsung would be your best bet. Its 4k resolution reduces the input lag, whereas the 120fps refresh rate ensures smooth motion while playing the game. And it can automatically change the gaming option, which is very convenient. 

Dolby Vision & Netflix Calibrated 

You will find the Samsung Q80t, and Sony X900H is a Netflix Calibrated TVs, including Dolby vision. Both TV let you immersively enjoy the cinematic content as the creator intended, which is impressive. 

Voice Assistant 

The X900H and Q80t are Google Assistant & Alexa voice compatible for effortless operation. All you just need to ask Alexa to play the game, launch the video, turn on the volume, and much more. On the other hand, with Google Assistant, you can seamlessly manage your task, search any movies, get the call answers, etc. 

Alexa/AirPlay/HomeKit Compact

Both Sony X900H and Samsung Q80t support Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit, and they can seamlessly integrate with your Siri or iPhone devices directly to the TV. Thus, you can manage your home with these apps effortlessly from the X900H.

Wireless Connectivity 

These two TVs support Wifi and Bluetooth so that you can wirelessly connect the device to the internet. Bluetooth compatibility lets you wirelessly connect to any device you want. The internet connectivity ensures you can connect to any streaming sites you want. 


Sony and Samsung devices deliver a one-year limited warranty on these TVs against any manufacturer damages. But remember, if you damage any part, then you cannot ask for a free repair. However, these two are built with quality material, so you can use them for years with a little care & maintenance. 

Ambient Mode+ 

Samsung Q80t is built with the ambient mode+, but this feature is missing on the Sony Q80t. Anyhow, the ambient mode+ disappears the TV from your home virtually. This will mimic the wall behind, and thus this will elevate the space of the wall. The best thing is, that the screen will look like wall decor or artwork. 

Final Words 

Sony X900H and Samsung Q80T are built with impressive picture quality, processor, gaming features, etc. But we strongly recommend That’s because the Samsung Q80t combines superior features that will take your experience to the next level. 

So, if you want to make your investment worth it, go with the Samsung Q80t. But if you are convinced with Sony X900H features, choose this either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony X900H and Samsung Q80t

Does Sony X900H have HDMI 2.1?

Yes, this Android TV is built with HDMI 2.1 port so that you can connect any devices you want. 

How do I disable ads on Samsung Q80t?

Simply go through the Settings – terms & privacy – interest-based advertising – uncheck the box.

Can I connect PS5 and XBOX with Sony X900H?

Yes, you can connect the PS5 and XBOX with this TV. 

Can I turn on the Samsung Q80T via Alexa?

Yes, you can use Alexa to turn on the TV.

Does Sony X900H support 120Hz?

Yes, this TV supports a 120Hz refresh rate which is fantastic for playing games or watching. 

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