Sony X900H vs X950H

Sony X900H vs X950H – Why You Should Go for Sony X950H?

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Sony X900H vs X950HIf you are looking for Sony’s flagship smart TV between Sony X900H and X950H, we highly recommend Sony X950H. Let’s read on together the reasons – 

Why Do We Recommend Sony X950H?

  • Sony X950H is integrated with Sony’s best processor, which is X1 Ultimate, besides, Sony X900H is built with a 4k HDR X1 processor. However, the X1 Ultimate analysis is the color that brings astounding realism to your content.
  • The X950H has an advanced Full-Array LED so that you can experience brighter highlights. Moreover, you will get incredible contrast with its X-tended Dynamic PRO 6x. In contrast, the X900H comes with a full-array LED that cannot provide picture quality like this smart TV.
  • You will get a satisfying picture on this TV from any angle since it has an X-Wide Angle function missing on Sony X900H. However, this preserves brightness plus color when you view the device anywhere in the room. 

So, these significant features make the Sony X950H better than the Sony X900H. Hence, if you want to get next-level experience from your smart TV, this should be your consideration. 


Similar Features of Sony X900h and x950h

  • Sony X9000H and X950H have a 120Hz refresh rate; at the same time, they have a game mode. Hence, you can use the TV as your PlayStation to get a responsive gaming experience. 
  • They work with Alexa & Google Voice assistant; just use your voice tone to control the device or search your favorite movie, tv shows, and much more. 
  • Both Sony TVs have Dolby vision thus, you will enjoy cinematic content, as well as immersive sound.

Quick Comparison Chart: Sony X900h and x950h

Specifications Sony X900H Sony x950H
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Picture Processor X1 4K HDR X1 Ultimate 
Display Technology LED (Full-Array) LED (Advanced Full-Array)
Contrast X-tended Dynamic Range X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 6x
Viewing Angle N/A X-Wide Angle 
Display Resolution 4K HDR 4K HDR
Sound Technology Acoustic Multi-Audio (No 55″) Acoustic Multi-Audio (no 49″)
Refresh Rate X-Motion Clarity – 120HZ X-Motion Clarity – 120HZ
Netflix Calibrated Mode Yes Yes
Dolby Vision & Atmos Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Differences and Similarities between Sony X900h and x950h


Sony X900H and X950H have TRILUMINOS Displays that let you see exactly what the creator intended with advanced color and gradation. Moreover, these two smart TVs have incredible contrast since they have full-array LED with X-tended Dynamic range. 

Both smart TVs combine with the incredible display, but there’s a slight difference in terms of processor. At the same time, the Sony X950H processor is better compared to the X900H. 

That’s because the X950H has an X1 Ultimate processor while the X900H combines with X1 4K HDR. However, the ultimate X1 is considered Sony’s best processor, which analyzes the content to boost the clarity, contrast, and color. Thus, whenever you watch anything on the X950H, your content will give you astounding realism. 

On the other hand, Sony X900H’s processor ensures you watch 4K pictures with the rich, detailed texture of the real world. So if you want to get the best picture quality, Sony X950H would be your best bet. 

Display Technology

Sony X900H and X950H smart TVs come with full array displays, yet there’s a slight difference. The X950H has advanced full-array settings so that you can experience a brighter detailed dark scene. 

Nevertheless, these devices also have a display off mode that helps save energy. Moreover, you can put the audio mode to enjoy your favorite music when the display is off. 

Viewing Angle

You will find the X-wide view angle on the Sony X950H device, which is not available on X900H. This feature ensures you get a better picture from any angle you are watching the TV. The X-wide view is very convenient because it would be amazing when you want to spend some quality time with your family and watch a movie. Because everyone can enjoy the movie together at any angle.  

Sound Quality 

These Sony smart TVs deliver acoustic multi-audio so that you get a truly immersive experience. Moreover, they have two sound-positioning tweeters that match sound with pictures which is very convenient. Thus, you can hear precise, high-quality audio from the right scene part. Isn’t it fun? 

However, the speakers also enhance the sound pressure for the stability of more realism. Sony X900H and X950H combine with an X-Balanced speaker to deliver precise immersive sound. 

Furthermore, they are integrated with Dolby Atmos sound; thus, you can hear the objects moving overhead with realism for the multi-dimensional experience.

Gaming Mode 

Sony X900H and X950H smart TV have gaming mode, which is perfect for hardcore gamers. They have an HDMI 2.1 port, including a standard ALLM feature. The TVs will take your PlayStation to the next level. Additionally, the devices have a 120Hz refresh rate that gives a responsive and smoother gaming experience. 

Smart Control

Sony X900H and X950H are two smart android TVs that work with Google Assistant and Alexa. These features allow you to use your voice to control the TV easily to search movies or shows or whichever you want. In addition, you can adjust the volume or turn on/off your TV. 

Moreover, these two support Apple HomeKit and Airplay 2 so that you can seamlessly connect Siri or iPhone devices. Thus, you will get effortless home management, at the same time, seamless content streaming.

Also, you can stream your favorite shows from compatible apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Price, etc. 

Remote Control 

Connect your smart TV with the smart remote control, which is integrated with all smart commands. In addition, the remote has a built-in voice control microphone that makes everything easier for you. 


You will get a one-year manufacturer warranty on these Sony X900H and X950H. This period will cover any issues on your TV but remember, if you damage anything, then you can’t ask for free repair. However, you can enjoy these TV for years to come since they are built with quality materials. 

Final Words 

Sony X900H and X950H smart TV have many things in common, but a few upgraded things make the X950H better. Hence, we highly recommend you pick Sony X950H. If you want to get the best watching experience from your TV, you should consider this device. But if you are looking for an affordable one, grab Sony X900H. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony X900h and x950h

How many HDMI ports does Sony X900H have?

This Smart TV has 4 HDMI ports; hence you can use the device effortlessly as your PlayStation or other things you want to do. 

Does the X950H support Atmos?

Yes, this TV supports Dolby Atmos so that you get lifelike picture quality from this device every time. 

Are they Android apps compatible?

Yes, Sony X900H and X950H are app compatible, so you can use apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

How long is the Sony manufacturer warranty?

Sony Smart TV supports a one-year limited warranty from the date you purchase the device. 

What is the display type of Sony X950H?

Sony X950H has an advanced full-array LED display with a 120Hz refresh rate to provide smooth performance.

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