Steelseries Arctis 3 vs Arctis 5

Steelseries Arctis 3 vs Arctis 5 – Why should you pick Arctis 5?

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Steelseries Arctis 3 vs Arctis 5Arctis 3 and 5 share many similarities, but a few advanced features made the Arctis 5 better than the older one. also suggests the Arctis 5 as well.

Why do we recommend the Arctis 5?

  • The headset combines RGB illumination to provide you an immersive gaming experience. While the Arctis 3 doesn’t include this feature.
  • Arctis 5 has an inline USB chat mix dial so that you can independently balance between the game and chat on the fly. At the same time, the older version lacking this feature.
  • It is paired with the DTS headphone’s v2.0 that offers rich, immersive audio all-around you. On the other side, the Arctis 3 won’t give you immersive audio.
  • Compared to the Arctis 3, the headset has a better mic that delivers studio-quality voice clarity with background noise cancelation.
  • You can use a USB cable to connect the headset to the compatible devices, also, you can use an analog version. But the Steelseries Arctis 3 only use an analog connection system.

These are advanced features you will get from the Arctis 5, and the device will take your gaming to the next level. You can rely on this headset rather than the Arctis 3.


Common Features

  • Both let you control the volume between the game and chat.
  • Arctis use the ski-google suspension band, which is very comfortable.
  • They support the Mac, PC, mobile, PS4, to Xbox One.
  • These headsets combine a one-year warranty.
  • The devices build with durable plastic.
Specification Arctis 3 Arctis 5
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  7.93 x 7.08 x 3.58 inches 7.93 x 7.08 x 3.58 inches
Weight  10.4 ounces 12.8 ounces
RGB illumination No  Yes 
ChatMix No  Yes 
Connection Type Analog USB, Analog
7.1 Surround Sound SteelSeries 7.1 Surround (Windows 7+ Only) DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround (Windows 7+ Only)
Volume Control  Yes  Yes 
Ski-Goggle Suspension Band Yes  Yes 
Wired Audio Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, VR Mobile, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One,VR
ClearCast Bidirectional Microphone Yes  Yes 
Exclusive Airweave Earpads Yes  Yes 
Build Material Durable Plastic Durable Plastic
Warranty  One-year  One-year

Differences and Similarities between the Arctis 3 vs. Arctis 5

Device Compatibility 

In terms of device compatibility, these headsets are the same. You can connect them to your mobile, PS4, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and VR as well. If you want to connect them to the Xbox One, you will need a 3.5mm cable included with the box. However, both have analog-type connections, but the Arctis 5 also offers USB types connections.

RGB Illumination 

Arctis 5 features RGB illumination, but the Arctis 3 is not. The headset lets you personalize the lighting effects from 16.8 million colors. You can experience an immersive game with this device. The combination of the lighting effect plus the illumination brings the reflection of your mood. Moreover, the system lets you personalize EQ’s audio.

Sound Quality 

You will get better sound quality from Arctis 5 because the device combines with DTS X 7.1 headphones v2.0. It provides rich sound, and you can immerse yourself in the game. On the other hand, the Arctis 3 has a 7.1 surround sound system.

These two headsets use Discord-certified ClearCast mic, which is known as the best mic in gaming. The microphones deliver studio-quality voice clarity plus have background noise cancellation.

Additionally, you can hear everything in detail since they engineered with S1 speaker drivers to produce ultra-low distortion audio.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Both headsets are constructed with ultra-lightweight, strong plastic material. The material ensures durability. Moreover, these devices use an exclusive ski-google suspension headband that will perfectly contour across your entire head. Arctis 3 and 5 are lightweight, and they will eliminate pressure points.

Volume Control 

Arctis headset built with on-ear controls that easily let you access to the volume. Also, you can mute the microphone to use a streaming mic. Furthermore, the game-time adjustments are like tapping the ear cup that makes it very easier to control.

On the other side, Arctis 5 include ChatMix that enables you to balance between game and chat on the fly. You will get two different audio for game and chat. If you assign the game as default audio, then you also can assign it to the chat in Discord. At the same time, the ChatMix dial lets you balance between chat and game without leaving your game session.


Arctis 3 and 5 offer a 3.5mm cable, a quick start guide, and the headset itself. While the Arctis 5 also include a ChatMix dial, a detachable USB, including a 4-pole TRRS adapter. As you can see, the Arctis 5 is better also offer more goodies, and we suggest you consider this one.


Arctis warranty will only cover manufacture defects, but they won’t provide you service if you damage the headphone. Arctis headsets combine a one-year warranty to the USA and Asia. In contrast, they give a two-year warranty to Europe. But remember, if you do not purchase the headset from the authorized shop, the warranty will not work for you.


We recommend the Arctis 5 because it will deliver a better gaming experience than Arctis 3. It has a ChatMix dial, better sound quality, RGB illumination, plus other handy things. That’s why if you want the best one, this would be a better choice. And if you are okay without the RGB illumination or other features, then Arctis 3 should be your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Arctis 3 and Arctis 5 

Do they work with Xbox?

They do work with the Xbox, but they won’t work wirelessly, you will need a 3.5mm audio cable that comes with them.

Which is a USB headset?

Arctis 5 is a USB headset that can be connected through a USB cable to the Mac, PS4, or PC.

Do I need to install software for these headsets?

For basic functionality, you don’t need to install any software, but if you want to customize your headset, you can install SteelSeries Engine software.

Can I mute the mic?

Yes, you can mute the mic to use a streaming mic.

How Artics 5 ChatMix work?

When you assign to the game as the default audio then assign chat in Discord, the ChatMix dial lets you balance the audio system.

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