Surface Pro 7 i5 vs i7

Surface Pro 7 i5 vs i7 – Find Out the Best Device Between Them!

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Surface Pro 7 i5 vs i7If you want to purchase a Surface Pro 7 laptop, you might be confused between the Intel Core i5 or the Intel Core i7 models. Don’t get confused, you can choose the Surface Pro 7 i7.

Why You Should Choose the Surface Pro 7 i7?

  • It has 16GB Ram, including 256Gb SSD, the memory provides you fast and cool performance than the Surface Pro 7 i5 because the other one includes 8GB Ram with 256GB SSD.
  • This device’s CPU speed is 1.3 GHz, and Surface Pro 7 i5 CPU speed is 1.1 GHz. The CPU speed indicates how a CPU can execute many processing cycles per second.
  • Surface Pro 7 i7 GPU turbo speed is 1100MHz, and the other one GPU turbo speed is 1050MHz. The higher GPU speed increased the performance level.

These features made Surface Pro 7 i7 the best device, and you can select this one for yourself. But if you are okay with the Pro 7 i5 version, you can choose that instead. 


Similar features of Surface Pro 7 i5 and i7

  • They have a built-in HDR mode feature that can shoot pictures automatically with a dynamic range.
  • The Pro i7 and i5 provide 10.5 hours of battery back-up which is huge so that you can use it for an extended period of time. 
  • Both devices have a voice command feature. Therefore, you can control the key function by using the voice command feature.

Comparison Chart

Specification Surface Pro 7 i5  Surface Pro 7 i7
Editors Rating 4.3 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
CPU Speed 4 x 1.1 GHz 4 x 1.3 GHz
GPU Speed 1050MHz 1100MHz
Ram 8GB 16GB
SSD 256GB 256GB
Number of Core 2 2
Number of threads 4 4
TDP 15W 15W
Base frequency 2.50GHz 2.50GHz
Max turbo frequency 3.10GHz 4.00GHz
Graphics Intel HD 620 Intel iris plus 640
Camera 8mp 8mp
Battery Life 10.5 hours 10.5 hours
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Similarities and Differences Between Surface Pro 7 i5 VS i7


Surface Pro 7 Core i7 CPU speed is 4 x 1.3 GHz, and Surface Pro 7 i5 CPU speed is 4 x 1.1 GHz. CPU speed mainly determines how a CPU can execute many processing cycles per second. Surface Pro 7 i7 comes with 16GB Ram. On the other hand, the Surface Pro 7 i5 comes with an 8GB Ram. Higher Ram increased the data processing speed. Both devices have an external memory card slot. Thus, you can extend built-in internal storage. Their internal storage is 256GB. Both devices support a 64-bit operating system. It allows more than 4GB Ram on your device.


Both device camera resolution is 8MP. The megapixel determines the quality of images. In addition, they have a built-in HDR mode that can capture pictures automatically with a dynamic range. They have a CMOS sensor that makes the image more clear and sharp. These devices have a manual ISO feature, and you can set your ISO manually.


Surface Pro 7 i5 and i7 both have stereo speakers. That provides richer sound and gives a better experience to the user. In addition, they have a socket 3.5mm audio jack. You can use these laptops with most headphones.

Battery Life

Both devices come with 10.5 hours of battery backup. Also, they have a battery level indicator feature so when the battery gets low, it will notify you. However, you can take these Surface tablets on the go since they are packed with power battery life. 


The Core i7 is a feature with a more powerful integrated GPU. It has the Intel iris plus 640 integrated GPU. Besides, its competitor has Intel HD 620 GPU. Intel iris plus 640 increased the performance speed. The core i7 comes with a cooling fan, but the Core i5 is fanless. Otherwise, they have the same feature. So, Core i7 is a better model than Core i5.


Both models come with a 1-year warranty. If the product gets damaged in manufacturing time, then you can repair it without any cost. In addition, you will get a 90-days return policy. If you don’t like the product, then you can exchange or replace it.


Now look at the final result; with a Core i7 processor, you will get 16GB Ram, higher CPU speed, more powerful integrated GPU. While Core i5 does not provide these advanced features. If you want a high-performance laptop, then you should choose the Surface Pro 7 i7 model. Otherwise, Core i5 also gives you good performance. The choice is yours!

Frequently asked questions about Surface Pro 7 i5 and i7

What is the Warranty for this device?

1-year limited warranty for the USA.

Does it come with a keyboard?

No, the Surface Pro 7 does not provide an external keyboard, but it does have a pop-up keyboard that you can use with the touch screen. 

Is there a provenance in pro 7 to change the SSD yourself?

If you wish to upgrade the SSD of your Surface Pro 7 contract with the support team, You can also go to any Microsoft Store and ask for assistance on upgrading your SSD. If you attempt to upgrade your SSD on your own, the limited warranty that comes with new Microsoft devices will not cover any damage that may occur to your equipment. 

Does this laptop come with a Type Cover?

Surface Pro 7 does not come with a type cover. You have to buy it separately. You can check their accessories.

Is Surface Pro 7 compatible with the Surface dial?

Surface Dial is compatible with the new Surface Pro 7 on and off-screen, giving users an entirely new way to create in a natural, immersive way.

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