Taylormade M2 vs m4 Irons

Taylormade M2 vs M4 Irons – Why We Recommend Taylormade M4?

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Taylormade M2 vs m4 IronsTaylormade M2 and M4 Irons are both excellent golf drivers, but considering all the features of these drivers, we think you should buy the Taylormade M4.

Why Should You Choose Taylormade M4?

  • Taylormade M4 has an improved speed pocket. The speed pocket increases the pace of the ball, especially on the club surface compared to M2.
  • The RIBCOR is an improved feature that has been used with the  M4. It is structured of two vertical bars (4-7 irons), which tighten the users’ heads and ensure a more flexible position. But, this crucial feature does not have with the M2 driver.
  • Twist Face Technology and Hammerhead are available with Taylormade M4. Twist faces help your heel and toe to strike straighter, and Hammerhead Technology helps keep the spin down. On the other hand, the Taylormade M2 has no Twist Face technology and Hammerhead feature.

If you want more accuracy and longer distance, then I strongly recommend you buy the Taylormade M4. This is because the Taylormade M4 has so many crucial features for better performance like; Speed Pocket, RIBCOR, and Twis Face Technology. So, thinking about the improved features, you can go with the M4 without further thinking.


Similars Feature of Taylormade M2 and M4 Irons

  • Both the Drivers are featured with a stiff flex. This is an improved flex that can give you extra benefit at the time of hitting the ball. 
  • Taylormade M2 and M4 are right-hand orientated. So, only the right-handers can use them. 
  • The loft adjustment is not enabled with M2 and M4. This means you can not adjust your driver as you like.
  • They offer two years of warranty. You can get 24 months if your driver is completely okay.

Quick Comparison: Taylormade M2 vs M4 Irons

Specifications Taylormade M2  Taylormade M4 
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.7 out 5
Twist Face Technology No Yes
Hammerhead Technology No Yes
Flex Stiff Stiff
Configuration 3 wood 4-PW, AW
Color White Silver
Hand Orientation Right Right
Head Size 460cc 460cc
Shaft Material Graphite Graphite
Speed Pocket No Yes
Product Weight 1 pound 6.5 pounds
Warranty 2 years of warranty 2 years of warranty

Differences & Similarities: Taylormade M2 Vs M4 Irons


As always, Taylormade came up with an excellent look for its driver. Taylormade M4 is silver in color in its head. On the other hand, Taylormade M2 is white, which looks awesome to see. Moreover, The weight of the M4 is 6.5 pounds while the other one is only 1 pound. In this regard, you have the best chance to use M2 as it is lightweight if you like.


Taylormade M4 is featured with a rigid structure that enhances the sound, and it can provide you with a solid speed and distance as well. With the M2, there is a headcover with it, but it does not offer you wood with a headcover. Therefore, M4 has a better head and shaft, so you can go with the M4 without hesitation.


In this part, maybe you are going to choose M2 because of its best sole feature. The Taylormade M2 is combined with Geocoustic Technology, which is a new two-tiered sole that will offer you a faster clubface and sweet spot.  On another one, There has been an ordinary sole with Taylormade M4.


When it comes to talking about Flex, in terms of buying a Golf driver, we must take it seriously as the bend and the force of a golf wheel depends on this feature. Both the Drivers are featured with a stiff flex, and this is an improved flex. It can give you extra benefit at the time of hitting the ball. If you are a longer hitter, then you will feel comfortable while playing.

Hand Orientation

At the time of buying a driver, we must know the hand orientation of the driver, Because you cannot find both left and right hand with all the drivers. 

Both Taylormade M2 and M4 are designed for only right-handers. So, if you are a left-hander, then you are encouraged not to buy these drivers.


Speed Pocket has been used with M4 to increase the pace of the ball when you play on a club surface. In addition, Twist Face technology and Hammerhead Technology are available with M4. Twist faces help your heel and toe to strike straighter, and Hammerhead Technology helps keep the spin down.

With Taylormade M2, a Speed pocket is featured with it so that it can provide the speed on the ball, but it works a lot. 

Durability and Warranty

As Taylormade is one of the most professional and world-class brands, they never compromise with their products’ quality. They offer twenty months of warranty with both of these golf drivers. If you want, you can use their one-month replacement system as well, but your product should keep fresh and look the same when you replace it.

Last Words

The M4 is tested, and it definitely can give you longer distances and more accuracy. If you want more accuracy with your drive, then you can choose M4.

In addition, The Taylormade M4 has a speed pocket, RIBCOR, twist face technology, and hammerhead that make this a better and fine driver. So, thinking about the features mentioned above, you can go with Taylormade M4. 

But, if, for any reason, you do not like the M4, then you can buy Taylormade M2. Although, we recommend you buy the M4. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylormade M2 Vs M4 Irons

Question: Is the Taylormade M4 loft adjustment?

Answer: No, the M4 is not a loft adjustment.

Question: Does the M4 come with a headcover? 

Answer: Yes, M4 has a headcover with it.

Question: Which shaft comes with M4?

Answer: M4 comes with a regular shaft.

Question: What is the loft adjustment of Taylormade M2?

Answer: The loft adjustment of M2 is 15*.

Question: Does M2 come with a headcover?

Answer: Yes, Taylormade M2 comes with a standard Taylormade headcover.

Question: What does 3HL mean?

Answer: it means 3 wood High Loft.


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