Taylormade M4 vs M6 Irons

TaylorMade M4 vs M6 Irons – Why You Should Pick the M6 Irons?

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Taylormade M4 vs M6 IronsTaylormade M4 and Taylormade M6 are two impressive golf drivers, but considering the facts below, I would recommend you the Taylormade M6.

Why do I recommend the Taylormade M6?

  • Taylormade M6 is designed with a low center of gravity that will make it easier to hit the ball up in the air to cover more yards. Taylormade M4 doesn’t include this upgraded spec.
  • The speed injected technology with the twisted face of this set’s driver head will help you get maximum ball speed, whereas the alternative comes with an ordinary driver head.
  • There are four different flex versions of this Iron set. Thus, you are allowed to choose one based on your swing requirement, while the alternative, Taylormade M4, has only a stiff variation.
  • You will be able to use this golf driver whether you are a right-hand user or left. This set is available for both. The competitor is available in only a right-hand orientation variant.
  • This golf driver is very lightweight that provides you the freedom to use the driver without any complexation. Taylormade M6 iron weighs 5 pounds, where the other one weighs around 6.5 pounds.
  • There are two shaft materials available for this golf driver. You can choose either the Fujikura Atmos Orange or the Black variation. Unfortunately, Taylormade M4 is available in only a Graphite variation. 

These features made the Taylormade M6 unbeatable in this comparison. You will get better performance on this driver that’s why we recommend this and you can select this. 


Similar features between Taylormade M4 vs. M6 Irons 

  • The drivers are available at multiple configurations; thus, you will be able to choose the one you need.
  • Both the drivers have focused on their speed so that you will get better performance during your golf session.
  • They weigh very little compared to the traditional drivers and make it easier for you to continue a more extended session with the drivers.

Quick Comparison 

SpecificationsTaylormade M4M6 Irons
Editor’s Rating4.5 out of 54.7 out of 5
FlexStiffRegular/Stiff/Extra Stiff/Senior
Hand OrientationRightLeft/Right
Shaft MaterialGraphiteFujikura Atmos Orange/Black
Configuration4-PW, AW 9/10.5/12 Degrees
ColorSilverMatte Black/Silver
Twist FaceNoYes
Head Size460cc460cc
Loft AdjustmentN/AYes
Draw BiasN/AYes
Product Weight6.5 pounds5 pounds
Warranty2-Years of Warranty2-Years of Warranty

Differences & Similarities between Taylormade M4 vs. M6 Irons 


Taylormade always introduces its kits with the latest design. The first one, Taylormade M4, is available in a silver color head, while the other one, Taylormade M6, has a different outlook with a matte black and silver mixture. Taylormade M4 weighs around 6.5 pounds, and the M6 weighs only 5 pounds. You will have a loft adjustment feature on the Taylormade M6 to make you feel comfortable while using the driver.


Taylormade M6 comes with an upgraded head design that is individually tested to optimize the entire face. The design with a speed injection process will maximize the ball speed and make sure to cover up more distances. On the other hand, Taylormade M4 comes with a rigid head structure to enhance the sound and provide you solid distance coverage with speed.


This segment will definitely satisfy you as the drivers are integrated with the latest technology with enhanced sole design. The aerodynamic carbon sole of the Taylormade M6 made the golf driver perfect to provide smooth head speed. The shape is designed sleek with an inertia generator to deliver maximum performance. The other one comes with an ordinary sole design. Thus, standard performance is not guaranteed for this driver. 


Flex is responsible for the bend or the force of a golf shaft. You will need a driver with better flex to perform better. Taylormade M6 has all types of flex versions a shaft should have. You can choose the one based on your requirement. There are four flex versions available for this driver, such as stiff, regular, extra stiff, and senior. On the other hand, Taylormade M4 is available only in a stiff variant.

Hand Orientation

Taylormade M4 is designed for only the right-handers. This driver is available in a single-hand orientation. The other one, Taylormade M6, is suitable for anyone. You can choose the one you need as this driver is available for both left and right-handers.


Together with a speed-injected twist face, the flexible Hammerhead of the Taylormade M6 provides a larger sweet spot. This specially designed hammerhead will work to preserve the ball sped for an off-center strike. In contrast, Taylormade M4 comes with an ultra-thin leading edge that will work to enhance the speed of low-face shots. Thus you’ve ensured a better performance in terms of speed from both the drivers.

Durability & Warranty

The durability of the drivers can be guessed by the naked eye. Taylormade is one of the finest and recognized brands among professionals. Taylormade drivers are superior and consistent compared to any other brands. They offer a 2-year of warranty for the above-mentioned golf drivers.


Taylormade M4 & the M6 are two great golf drivers that will help you to achieve satisfactory performances. You should choose the Taylormade M6, considering the twisted face and the boosted design. If you’re a right-handed person and satisfied with the Taylormade M4’s specs, you may go for this one as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylormade M4 vs. M6 Irons 

Is there any headcover with the Taylormade M6?

Sure. There is a short headcover available with this driver.

What’s the length of the shaft of the Taylormade M6?

The length of the shaft of this driver is around 46 inches.

What do the flex variations mean?

They stand for the club speed as a stiffer shaft provides more speed. 

How suitable are they for a tall person?

If you are taller than 6.2”, you should try a customized fitting.

Is there any kit bag available with the Taylormade M6?

Sure. You will have a kit available with this driver.

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