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TRX Tactical vs Pro – Check Why TRX Tactical is the Best Kit!

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TRX Tactical vs ProBetween TRX Tactical and TRX Pro3 home training kits, the best choice would be TRX Pro3 because this kit comes with some impressive features.

What Features Make TRX Pro3 Best?

  • TRX Pro3 comes with a locking loop that maximizes workout effectiveness and reduces the risk of slipping. On the other hand, TRX Tactical has no locking loop.
  • This training kit has an integrated hand/foot cradles for a comfortable session, whereas the Tactical has only a handle on the cradles but no grips for safe training.
  • The Pro3 has a single anchor point, which promotes easy setup and versatility. In contrast, the Tactical version provides dual anchors that is difficult to set up and lack versatility.
  • You will be able to place the Pro3 version anywhere in your house as the anchor supports up to 350lbs. On the contrary, the competitor is better to place it outside only.
  • TRX Pro3 is suitable for all, even those who have never done a workout before. Thus, beginners or experts both will feel comfortable using this one. On the other hand, TRX Tactical is specially designed for the US Military.

This kit will serve as your fitness assistant and will assist you in reaching your target. For a better result, pick this one without any hesitation.


Similar Features of TRX Tactical and TRX Pro

  • They come with a specific week’s video program.
  • They both can be used for extreme workouts.
  • They come with a travel bag for carrying purposes.
  • They both are perfect for full-body workouts.

Quick Comparison

Specifications TRX Tactical TRX Pro 3
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Color Grey Yellow
Program  12-Week 8-Week
Item Dimension 10.4 x 7.3 x 6.9 inches 53 x 1.5 x 6 inches
Item Weight 3.09 pounds 1.7 pounds
Anchor Point N/A Single
Tension Level N/A 350lbs
Travel Bag Included Included
Cradles Same as Body Extra layer
Foundational Movements Yes Yes
Warranty 12-months of warranty 12-months of warranty

Differences & Similarities: TRX Tactical vs Pro

Training System

TRX Pro3 suspension trainer will help you to gain an intense full-body workout that will keep you fit. Professionals and pro-athletes test this kit. Pro3 is used by fitness pros worldwide. You will feel motivated when you will have them in your hand.

On the other hand, TRX Tactical is also a standard training system. This system is developed from cutting-edge science, and the design is implemented by using the direct feedback of the professionals. Tactical is so far the most rugged workout system of TRX.


You will surely notice the result after using these systems. TRX will always help you to realize your potential and use your ability to achieve your goals. These training kits will help you to burn fat, increase endurance and build muscles. For effective fitness, they should be your first choice.

Week Program

The training kits come with a different duration week program. Such as TRX Tactical comes with a 12-week workout program, even there is a free TRX Force App with this device. On the other hand, TRX Pro3 comes with an 8-week workout program. So if you have a busy schedule, TRX Pro3 is suitable for you as you will be able to finish this program within 2 months. 


You will be able to perform almost all kinds of basic workouts through the kits. They have a cradle to place the hand or feet perfectly for balanced training. You can efficiently perform the 7 foundational movements with the Pro3 as this system comes with a single anchor point for better versatility.

The other one, TRX Tactical, is also perfect for various workouts. This system is preferable for an outside camp or exercise. This kit is specially designed for US military exercises.


You don’t need to be concerned about safety while using these kits. TRX Pro3 has a locking loop that will maximize your workout efficiency by decreasing the risk of slipping. In addition, this kit is tested to support body weight up to 350 pounds and over 900 pounds of resistance. The systems are being tested by world-class athletes worldwide.

Included Components

You will get some accessories while purchasing the systems. They both come with a carrying pouch bag so that you can carry them for an outdoor session. TRX Pro3 includes three anchoring solutions to do workouts anywhere. You will get an instructional guide with the kits to help you learn the content better.

Durability & Warranty

They both are made for heavy exercise; thus, there won’t be any pressure. TRX Tactical is designed for serious workouts, but Pro3 also does the same job with maximum efficiency. In addition, TRX provides a 1-year of warranty for the training systems.


TRX Tactical and Pro3 are two perfect home training systems. They are lightweight and require minimal area to perform the workouts. You should try the TRX Pro3 if you want to do foundational movements like squats, planks, and heavy exercises. TRX Tactical will be perfect if you are looking for an outdoor rich exercise training system.

Frequently Asked Questions about TRX Tactical and Pro

Does the TRX Tactical come with the Force Super App?

Yes. The device will come with a code to download the app.

Is there any door anchor with the kits?

Yes. You will get a door anchor with the kits.

What is the material of the kits?

The training systems are built of Nylon.

Is there any grip on the handles?

Yes. The grips come with ultra-durable textured rubber handles.

How comfortable are the foot cradles to use?

The foot cradle of the Pro3 will be more comfortable to use.

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