UE Megablast vs Megaboom 3

UE Megablast vs Megaboom 3 – Check Our Recommendation!

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UE Megablast vs Megaboom 3Are you looking for the best Bluetooth speaker between UE Megablast & Megaboom 3? Well, I would suggest to go for Megaboom 3 as this speaker come with some improved functions.

Why Should You Choose Megaboom 3?

  • Megaboom 3 speaker will provide you with a backup of 20 hours with its powerful battery, while UE Megablast will provide only 16 hours of backup.
  • This speaker can be paired with other Boom/Megaboom speakers, whereas the other doesn’t come with this feature.
  • Megaboom weighs less than the Megablast. So, it will be more comfortable to carry during any journey or party.
  • You will get a powerful sound and a stronger bass in UE Megaboom 3, which will undoubtedly be better than UE Megablast.

If you want to get a blast during a party, Megaboom 3 will be the perfect choice for you. Hope not it’s clear to you why we recommend UE Megaboom 3 for you.


Similar Features

  • UE Megablast and Megaboom 3 are IP67 waterproofs that allow you to submerge them in water for up to 30-minutes. You can float them in water too.
  • These Bluetooth speakers come with a decent sound and bass quality to hear every note perfectly.
  • The speakers are built with premium fabric material that’s tough and beautiful for lasting a long period.
  • Their magic control button on the speakers lets you play, pause and skip any streaming music directly with just a push.

Quick Comparison – UE Megablast vs Megaboom 3

Specifications UE Megablast Megaboom 3
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Connectivity Bluetooth Bluetooth
Color Variants Available Variants Available
Product Dimension 3.5 x 3.5 x 9.4 inches 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.75  inches
Item Weight 3.7 pounds 2.9 pounds
Connectivity Range 150 ft 150 ft
Battery Life 16 Hours 20 Hours
Pair Speakers to PartyUp Not Available 150+ Boom/MegaBooms
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Battery 1 Lithium-Polymer Battery (included) 1 Lithium-ion Battery (included)
Warranty 2-Year of Warranty 2-Year of Warranty

Similarities & Difference Between UE Megablast & Megaboom 3


These two speakers are quite big-sized than the traditional Bluetooth speakers. The speakers come in a cylindrical shape and will stay steady on any surface. There are two large-sized plus and minus buttons for volume adjustment. Other control buttons are at the top of the speakers.

The speaker is covered with premium fabric that works as a protection for water or drop. Megaboom 3 will overcome a drop from a height of 3 feet easily for the solid build quality. The speakers are IP67 rated waterproof that made them durable over water & dust. The 360-degree design of the speakers delivers sound from every direction.


You will be delighted with the battery backup of the speakers. The Megaboom 3 will give you an outstanding backup of 20 hours. You don’t need to carry the chargers while using them for a party or camping. The other one, Megablast, will provide you with only 16 hours of backup. As these are Bluetooth speakers, you should obviously prioritize the battery backup.

The speakers can be charged through a micro-USB charger. The batteries don’t take much time to get charged. There is a dock system charger for the Megaboom 3 so that you can charge the speaker easily without any wire.

Sound & Bass

You will get a powerful and immersive sound with unique sound processing. Megaboom 3 has an intense bass that will give you the best ear-catching experience. The bass keeps the sound crisp and doesn’t create any distortion or exaggeration. So you are getting the same sound at any bass level. Megablast also comes with decent sound quality. Megablast is one of the largest-sized speakers of UE with a louder sound.

Controls & Buttons

The Bluetooth and Power buttons are on the top of the speaker. There is a magic button in the UE speakers that will allow you to control your playlist easily. You can skip, play or pause the songs with a single touch. UE Megaboom 3 has a bungee hanger on the top. You can carry the speakers anywhere you want without any hassle.

PartyUp App

If you want to pair your speaker with other nearby speakers for a louder sound and bass during a party, you can do that with the PartyUp feature. This feature allows you to pair your Boom/Megaboom speakers with more than 150+ Megaboom/Boom speakers. You will get super sound and a thundering bass when you have more than 100 speakers playing together. The Megaboom 3 can be paired with this feature, but the UE Megablast doesn’t have this feature.

Durability & Warranty

Ultimate Ears are built with high-quality fabric material that makes them durable on any surface. There won’t be an issue in water or a drop from a decent height. You have the flexibility to use the speakers in any poolside party or outdoor camp. There is a 2-year warranty for these speakers from the manufacturer.

Final Words

Both the speakers are packed with so many specs that it’s tough to choose one. Megaboom 3 is lightweight and has a better battery backup that will make you feel free to carry this one anywhere you want. If you want to get the louder sound and bass during a party, go for this one. 

Frequently Asked Questions about UE Megablast & Megaboom 3 

Which batteries are used in the Megaboom 3?

The Megaboom 3 comes with 1 Lithium-ion battery pre-installed.

Is there any mute button on the speakers?

Unfortunately, No. But it can be controlled through the volume buttons.

Can I pair other Boom speakers with the Megablast?

No, you can’t. This can be accessed on Megaboom 3.

Can I use the Megaboom 3 as a power bank?

Sure. You can charge any smartphone.

Do they come with a wireless charging facility?

Yes. Both the speakers can be charged with the dock provided.

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