Valve Index vs Oculus Quest

Valve Index vs Oculus Quest – Leran which one should you pick!

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Valve Index vs Oculus QuestValve Index and Oculus Quest both can give you a fascinating VR taste. But between these two, Oculus Quest has some improved functions that made it the best.

Which Features Made Oculus Quest Best?

  • It is an all-in-all VR gaming headset. So, you can set up your device with Oculus mobile app. On the other hand, Valve Index needs a PC to set this device otherwise, you can’t run it.
  • The Quest has an OLED or AMOLED display and they have upper contrast ratios, large viewing corners compared to LCD displays. Since Valve Index has an LCD, it has a poor contrast ratio.
  • It comes with an indicator that warns you when the battery is low. But Valve Index does not have any battery indicator with it.
  • Oculus Quest controller has high responsive tracking sensor. So you can play games in any position like standing or seating. Besides, Valve Index has a leaser movement system that also gives you a good service, but not greater like the Quest.

These are the main difference, that made Oculus Quest better and smarter than Valve Index. Hopefully, now it is clear to you why we suggest Oculus Quest.


Similar Feature

  • Both devices can be adjustable.
  • These devices have integrated audio.
  • They come with a 1-year warranty. If you face any problem with this device, then just need to contract with their site.

Quick Comparison

Specification Valve Index Oculus Quest
Editors rating 3.5 out of 5 rating 4.7 out of 5 rating
Support of WIFI No Yes
Has USB type C No Yes
Compatible with Android No Yes
Has a compass No Yes
Used wirelessly No Yes
Memory 12 GB 64GB
Weight 1.78 pounds 4.57 pounds
Display LCD OLED
Field of view 130 degree 100 degree
Refresh rate 144 Hz 72Hz
Support 3D audio Yes No
Battery Life 2 hours (per charge) 3 hours (per charge)
Adjustable Yes  Yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Differences and Similarities Between Valve Index and Oculus Quest


This device has an impressive design. Which is can be used wirelessly. IPD is the distance among the center of your eyes. Without IPD, the lenses of a VR headset may not rank up with your pupils, which can result in various eye problems. Oculus has designed its battery indicator. Whenever your device faces a low battery, this device warns you.

Besides, the Valve Index design is also nice, but it has no wireless support. In this device, you can adjust your IPD. It’s a plus point on the valve index. It has no battery indicator. If you judge both devices on outlook, then the valve index is most stylish than Oculus Quest.

Display and lenses

Both devices have the same quality resolution, but the Quest display is OLED, but the Valve Index display is LCD. Oculus Quest’s field of view is 100 degrees which assure you immersive and realistic experiences. You can adjust the lenses,

On the other side, the Valve Index field of view is 130 degrees. Its refresh is also higher than the Oculus quest. If the judge them on display, then Valve Index is best for you.


Oculus Quest has an insight tracking system, it will give you instantly fast movement. Oculus Quest can track 360-degree head movement. It has a high-competence accelerometer sensor that is used to amount the acceleration of a device. Oculus Quest also has a gesture control system that allows you to manipulate virtual objects.

Valve Index also has head movement, and it also has an accelerometer sensor. It gave you precise movement on your VR.


Quest can connect with wifi that’s why you can enjoy your game unlimitedly. This device used a type C USB port. You can set up your VR using android mobile or tablet. This device also works with ios devices.

Valve Index has no wireless support, and it has no type C USB. This device can’t be compatible with the android device. If we see the connectivity section, then Oculus Quest gives you the best service.


This device has a built-in audio system. This device’s sound system is very impressive. On the other hand, valve index has 3D audio system.3D audio gives a more immersive sound than engirdle sound technologies.


Quest has touch controllers. It recreates your hand and follows your movement position. So every game feels more real. This controller is much smoother, and it has very highly responsive sensors for tracing your hand.

The valve Index also has touch controllers, but it’s not mind-blowing for some games. If we come in controllers, then Oculus Quest controllers give you the best performances.

Other Feature

Both devices have almost the same feature. This device has a 3.5mm audio jack for using additional headphones. Quest and valve index have game controllers, has integrated audio, has touch controllers, and remote controllers. All of the characteristics give you the best experiences.

Valve Index is lighter than Quest. Valve index weight is 1.78 pounds since quest weight is 4.57 pounds. Valve Index is more suitable for travel anywhere. If you are a travel-friendly person, then go for it.

This device gives you 3 hours back up at one charge, the other side valve index gives you 2 hours back up one single charge. Quest is better than valve index.

Set up

 For valve index –

  • choose a place for your index base station
  • connect your valve index headset
  • install stream VR
  • enjoy your game

For Oculus Quest-

  •  download Oculus Rift software
  • Install oculus app
  • Read the instructions and set your device.                                                                                                                                 


With this device, you will get an impressive headset, 2 tracking base stations, two controllers.

On the other hand, Oculus quest gives you a pair of controllers, a headset, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, some other extra kit, and a USB-C charging cable. 

Recommended space

For Valve Index-

  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD RX480.
  • Processor: Dual Core with Hyper.
  • Ram: 8GB
  • USB Ports: USB 2.0 Port required.

For Oculus Quest-

  • CPU: Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater.
  • Ram: 8GB
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 / Quadro P5000



Both Virtual Game devices give you a 1-year warranty from the buying date. If you face any problem with this device, you can be called to the brand helpline or follow the return policy rule.

Final Word

VR is a futuristic gadget here, we are discussing two VR and comparing each other for selecting which is the best for you. Here we suggest Oculus Quest because of all the updated functions and high reliability. On the other hand, Valve Index is also a great VR. 

Frequently asked questions about Valve Index and Oculus Quest

Can I connect Valve Index to mac?

No, Mac is officially not supported on Valve Index, and this device is compatible only with Windows, Linux.

What is the update of the Valve Index 2021 model?

They update software and fix old issues, and update the controller for better performance.

Oculus Quest does need a computer to operate?

No, It’s doesn’t need a computer to play games. Oculus Quest just needs a mobile for doing the initial setup.

Actually, what’s the battery backup of oculus quest?

It gives you 2-3 hour battery backup, also it depends on your brightness level and sound level.

Is Oculus Quest available for VR chat?

Yes, VR chat is also available for Oculus Quest.

Can I download games for my Oculus Quest?

Yes, you can install VR other games from the Oculus Quest store.

Can I extend my storage?

No, You can’t use any additional storage at Oculus Quest. It comes with two different storage availability 64Gb and 128Gb.

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