Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus – Check Why VertuoPlus is Best!

Coffee & Espresso Machine

Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlusVertuo Next and VertuoPlus are two fancy espresso machines that prepare delicious coffee. But between these two, we suggest VertuoPlus as it has some improved features.

See the reason behind our suggestion. 

  • The VertuoPlus takes only 20 seconds to heat the machine, which means the second you turn it on, this will start preparing your espresso coffee. Besides, Vertuo Next takes 30 seconds to start heating.
  • This espresso machine can hold 40 oz water while the other one can keep 37 oz water. Since it has a larger water reservoir, so you don’t need to refill the machine frequently.
  • The VertuoPlus can adjust the brewing parameters automatically based on the barcode, and you don’t need to change settings. In contrast, Vertuo Next cannot adjust the brewing parameter, and you need to do it yourself. 
  • You can add 10 capsules to it, whereas Vertuo Next has 8 capsules capacity. Since this machine has more capsule capacity, you can think about it.
  • VertuoPlus costs much lower than Vertuo Next. So, you are getting all those improved features with VertuoPlus at a cheaper price.

VertuePlus include these features that made it the best espresso machine rather than the latest one. If you want to know their prices, go through the buttons below. 


Similar Features of Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

Earlier in this section, we mentioned the differences that ensure VertuoPlus is a fantastic espresso machine. Now let’s check out some of their similar features. 

  • Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus will automatically shut off after 9 minutes of inactive to minimize energy use. 
  • They include a milk frother so now you can create the perfect finish on your latte or cappuccino as well. 
  • These are versatile espresso makers and allow you to brew 5, 8, or 14oz different single-serve coffee sizes you want.
  • Both machines are built with automatic capsule storage and ejection that reduce the stress to put capsules in the machine. 
  • They cover a one-year warranty plus work against any manufacturer defects. 

So, these were the major similar features between these machines, and after reading the common features, if you think the Vertuo Next is an ideal one for you, then nothing is wrong if you want to invest in this instead.

Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus – Quick Comparison Chart

Specification  Vertuo Next  VertuoPlus’s Rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Measurement  5.5W x 16.9D x 12.4H 9.8W x 13.3D x 12.7H
Weight  9lb 10lb
Heat Up time  30 seconds 20 seconds 
Capsules capacity  8 10
Water tank capacity 37oz 40oz
Power  1500 watts 1300 watts 
Energy-saving mode Yes  Yes
Descaling alarm Yes  Yes
Coffee 5oz, 8oz, 14oz Yes  Yes 
Milk Frother  Included  Included
Single & Double Espresso Yes  Yes 
Automatic power off Yes  Yes 
Capsule ejection & storage Yes, automatically  Yes, automatically 
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences and Similarities Between Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

Water tank capacity 

VertuoPlus has a larger water tank reservoir than Vertuo Next. It can hold 40 oz water, while Vertuo Next can hold 37 oz water. Both machines feature a motorized head plus the water tank is movable. The rotating water tank makes placement a greater convenience than other traditional espresso machines.

The water tank can stay behind the machine or swivel out, depending on your counter space. However, if you want a larger water tank, you can consider the VertuoPlus for you. 

Heat-up time & Capsule Capacity

You can prepare your espresso faster in the VertuoPlus rather than the Next. It required only 20 seconds to heat up the machine to prepare your favorite drink. 

While the Vertuo Next machine needs 30 seconds to fully heats up, VertuoPlus would be an ideal pick for you if you are always in a hurry. 

Speaking about the capsule capacity of these machines, these are compatible with Nespresso capsules. You cannot use other capsule pods in these machines. 

Vertuo Next has eight capsule capacities, by contrast, the VertuoPlus has ten capsule capacities. Therefore, in terms of the capsule capacity, the earlier version would be ideal rather than the latest espresso machine. 

Machine Dimension and Size 

Both are compact and lightweight coffee makers that will take less space on your kitchen countertop. The Vertuo Next is 5.5W x 16.9D x 12.4H, while the VertuoPlus is 9.8W x 13.3D x 12.7H. 

The weight is slightly different on these machines, the Vertuo Next is 9lb, and the VertuoPlus is 10lb only. If you have a small countertop, then Vertuo Next could be your best pick. 

Easy to Use 

These espresso machines are straightforward to use, moreover, both are the same in terms of operation. All you need to do is plug the machine in and then turn it on. Once the green light indicates, you need to place a cup under the outlet and then push the button to start preparing the coffee. 

Your drink will be ready within a few seconds, also, the machines will turn off automatically after nine-minute. Thus it saves energy. 

Furthermore, the VertuoPlus can brew automatically depending on the barcode on the rim of the capsule. On the flip side, Vertuo Next cannot brew automatically. 

These machines can prepare different sizes of coffee, such as 5 oz, 8 oz, or 14 oz. 


Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus provide some standard goodies. They include capsules so that you can start preparing your favorite coffee right after you get the machine. Additionally, you will get a milk frother that lets you prepare a perfect latte or cappuccino as well with these machines. 


These espresso machines come with a one-year limited warranty that offers necessary replacement or repairs. You can claim a warranty if the machine has any manufacturer effects. However, the warranty will not cover if you damage anything on the machine. 

Final Thought 

If you are seeking an easy-to-use and convenient coffee machine, Vertuo Next and VertuoPlus are two fantastic choices. The Vertuo Next is the latest version, yet we recommend the VertuoPlus for you because the machine has better features. 

Both will prepare delicious coffee, but the VertuoPlus would be a great choice, you can consider this one. But if you prefer the latest version, simply choose Vertuo Next. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Vertuo Next vs VertuoPlus

Can I use k-cups in Vertuo Next?
No, this machine uses the Nespresso capsules cups, so it is not compatible with k-cups.

Do they come with capsules?
Yes, these espresso machines come with capsules. You will get eight capsules with Vertuo Next, while 10 capsules come with VertuoPlus.

What is the water tank capacity of these machines?
Vertuo Next water tank can hold 37 oz water while the VertuoPlus can have up to 40 oz water capacity.

 Can I prepare Americanos on them?
Yes, both machines include milk frother plus espresso pods so you can prepare Americanos in them within seconds.

What is the warranty policy?
They combine with a one-year limited warranty that covers any manufacturer defects on the machine from the date you get them. 

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