Vornado 630 vs 633

Vornado 630 vs 633 – Know the differences and get the better one!

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Vornado 630 vs 633Vornado 630 and 633 are stunning air circulators on the market. But, getting the right one is quite difficult as they have many similarities. So, we made the work easy and compare their features side by side. We found some advanced features in Vornado 633, and we think it would be the better option between these two air circulators. 

Why Vornado 633 would be a smart choice? 

  1. The Vornado 633 Air circulator has the capability to move air up to 75 feet whereas Vornado 630 can move air up to 70 feet. So, Vornado 633 circulates more air than its opponent, Vornado 630.  
  2. The high-speed CFM of this air circulator is 393 and Vornado 630’s CFM is only 363. Therefore, Vornado 633 is more efficient than 630, and this machine will circulate more air. 
  3. Vornado 633 has 1625 RPM in High-speed and Vornado 630 has only 1600 RPM. Hence, Vornado 633 comes with a more powerful motor than its opponent.

So, you can see that Vornado 633 has a powerful motor, better airflow, and other advanced features. Moreover, this device’s price is budget-friendly. Therefore, we suggest you, go with the Vornado 633 air circulator. 


Similar features of Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 air circulators: 

  • Both Air circulators have 3-speed settings. Therefore, you can adjust it, just like you want. 
  • .Vornado 630 and 633 have special airflow ( Vortex action) to circulate all the air in the room. So, they will flow cool air fastly and create an impressive cooling environment.
  • The power cord Length of these air circulators is 6 feet. So, you can place it anywhere and connect it to electricity. 
  • Both have a 5-years limited warranty policy. So, the company will replace, you if you aren’t satisfied with the performance of these fans.

Quick Comparison Chart: Vornado 630 vs 633

Specifications  Vornado 630 Vornado 633
Editor’s ratings  4.7 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Air Circulation  70ft.  75ft. 
High-Speed CFM 363 393
High-Speed RPM 1600 1625
Number of Speed Settings  3 3
Control Style Mechanical Switch Mechanical Switch
High-speed dB  52 dB  53 dB
Low-Speed CFM 258 230
Low-Speed RPM 1025 900
Watts 51 63
Power Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
Weight  5.84 lbs. 5.86 lbs.
Warranty Policy  5-year Limited  5-Year Limited 

Similarities and Differences between Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 air circulators: 


Vornado 630 and 633 are formed with a pretty impressive design. Vornado 630 weighs 5.84 lbs. and its dimension is 8.25 x 12 x 13.6 inches. Another side, Vornado 633 weighs 5.84 lbs. and its size is 13.75 .x 8.65 .x 12 inches. So, both Air Circulators are lightweight and smaller, plus you can place them anywhere in the room. Moreover, these machines have a 6ft. long power cord and have 8.98 inches blade for air circulation. 

Air Circulation and Low Noise: 

The Vornado 633 air circulator will move air up to 75 ft. It can produce 393 CFM at high-speed plus 230 CFM at low speed. On the other hand, Vornado 630 can move air up to 70 ft. It will give 363 CFM in high-speed plus 258 CFM in low-speed. Therefore, Vornado 633 will give better performance than Vornado 630. However, both air circulators have Vortex Technology to circulate all the air in the room, and you will have a cool, comfortable experience. 

In addition, Vornado 633 produces 53 dB of sound at high-speed and 40dB at low-speed. Another side, Vornado 630 produces 52dB of sound at high-speed and 43 dB at low speed. So, you can see that these machines are really quiet and you won’t feel irritated while using these fans. 


Both machines have three-speed settings ( mechanical switch), and these settings are located at the base of the unit. Hence, you can adjust them without any discomfort. Moreover, you can rotate the head of these fans to direct the airflow as they have a pivoting head. It means you will get multi-directional airflow with these air circulators. 


Basically, cleaning air circulators is important and quite hard. But, if you don’t clean it regularly, it won’t perform accurately, and the fan can be damaged. Vornado air circulator has 9.38 inches removable grill. So, you can open it easily and clean the Dust from the air inlets, blades, and other places. 

Warranty policy: 

You will get 5-years limited warranty with Vornado 633 and Vornado 630 air circulators. Therefore, if you face any type of manufacturing defect in the machine, you can claim free repairing service or get your machine replaced. But, remember, the company wouldn’t give free service or replace the circulator if the damages are caused by improper maintenance, alteration, modification, etc. 


You can see that Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 air circulators have many similarities. But, if you prefer the better one of these two, we think Vornado 633 would be a fantastic choice as this machine has a more powerful motor, better airflow, and is more affordable than its previous version, Vornado 630. 

Frequently asked questions about Vornado 630 and Vornado 633 air circulators: 

Is a Vornado 633 fan worth buying?

Yes, this air calculator has a powerful motor, and this machine will produce more air which is enough for a room. 

What is the size of the Vornado 633 fan? 

Vornado 633 is a compact-sized fan, and its dimension is 13.75 in.x 8.65 in.x 12 in.

Between 633 and 630, which one will move more air? 

Vornado 633’s High-speed CFM is 393 and 630’s High-Speed CFM is 363. Hence, Vornado 633 will move more air than 630.

Can I replace my 630? 

Yes, if you have 5-years limited warranty policy, you can replace or repair your Vornado 630 from the company. But, if the damages are caused by improper maintenance, alteration, or modification, the company won’t replace 630. Lastly, all you have to do is contact their service center. 

Does 630 make less noise than 633? 

Vornado 630 creates 52 dB and Vornado 633 creates 53dB. Normally,  both air circulators create less noise, but comparatively, Vornado 630 is quieter than 633.