wagner control pro 130 vs 150

Wagner Control Pro 130 vs 150 – Learn Which Painter Is the Best?


wagner control pro 130 vs 150Wagner Control Pro 130 and 150 are versatile paint sprayers with high-efficiency specifications. Choosing the right one between them seems quite tricky. However, we have compared significant segments of these sprayers and found the Wagner Control Pro 150 superior.

What makes Wagner Control Pro 150 superior?

  • The Control Pro 150 delivers ideal and accurate spraying performance at wood and semi-transparent stain, which means you will get a perfect paint finishing on those surfaces. At the same time, the Control Pro 130 does batter spraying at wood stain but is not that perfect like the Pro 150.
  • The 0.55 Horsepower HEA pump makes the Control Pro 150 a robust paint sprayer, which provides unthinned coatings of paint. Consequently, the Wagner Control Pro 130 was built with a 0.375 horsepower HEA pump that impressively sprayed. Although the difference in horsepower is hardly noticed, it can affect the other section of the paint sprayer.
  • This paint sprayer is also consistent with a 0.29 gal/min flow rate, which will boost your work speed with maximum spraying. In comparison, the Control Pro 130 features a 0.24 gal/min flow rate that sprays well on different surfaces, but with the speed of spraying, the Pro 130 is still behind the Pro 150.
  • You will get adjustable power settings with the Control Pro 150. So, you can adjust the power of spraying according to the surface. Unfortunately, the Control Pro 130 doesn’t have this option, and you may face some issues while painting on small things.
  • Its max operating pressure of 1500 PSI( Pound-force per square inch) assures maximum spraying capacity and makes it convenient for continuous painting. On the other hand, the Control Pro 130 delivers 1400 PSI operating pressure, briefly behind with performance from 1500 PSI.

These characteristics make the Wagner Control Pro 150 a compact paint sprayer instead of the Control 130. Although the Control 130 is also a top performer, the Control 150 is its successor with lots of development. That’s why our recommendation will be for the Control Pro 150.


Similar features 

  • These paint sprayers came up with HEA technology that decreases 55% of over spraying and ensures smooth paint finishing.
  • The hose pipe of these sprayers comes 25 ft. in length.SO you can easily use the tips at a 360-degree angle.
  • The maximum tip size of these paint machines is the same, and the size is up to 515.

Quick Comparison Chart between the Wagner Control  Pro 150 and the Wagner Control 130.

Specifications  Wagner Control Pro 150 Wagner Control Pro 130
Editors Rating  4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Dimension   13.5 x 16 x 18.2 inches ‎8 x 7 x 11 inches
Weight  ‎17.91 pounds 11 pounds
Horsepower  0.55 0.375
Flow rate 0.29 gal/min 0.24 gal/min
Adjustable power setting Yes No
Operating pressure  1500 PSI 1400 PSI
Hose length  25 ft. 25 ft.
HEA technology Yes  Yes 
Maximum Tip size 515 515
Warranty  1 year 1 year

Differences and Similarities between the Wagner Control Pro 130 and the Wagner Control Pro 150

HEA Pump

These Wagner paint sprayers are very convenient for paint spraying. But, sometimes, they become different by the HEA pump power. Here, the Control Pro 150 comes with a 0.55 horsepower HEA pump which can spray at higher speed with full accuracy. On the other hand, the Wagner 130 works with its 0.375 horsepower pump and is pretty consistent with spraying. But with speedy spraying, it seems a bit slower than the Control 150. However, this horsepower can be the deciding factor in choosing the Wagner 150.

Flow rate

With a 0.29 gal/min flow rate, the Control 150 becomes a real game changer in paint spraying capability. Besides, the fast spray with perfect paint coatings assures smooth Finishing. in contrast, the Wagner 130 delivers 0.24 gal/min and also affirms excellent Finishing. Still, you will find a difference in finishing if you buy the Wagner 150.

Airless paint spraying compatibility 

These Wagner Paint Sprayers offer Airless Paint Spray features that save 55% of overspray, an essential addition from the Wagner. In addition, this Airless Spray gives you improved control and provides satisfying Finishing.

Paint Finishing

The Wagner Control Pro 130 and 150 are very convenient to paint sprayers. But, because of the powerful HEA pump and spraying speed, the Control Pro 150 provides better performance with paint finishing than the Control Pro 130. Also, the Pro 150 can spray accurately at wood and semi-transparent stain. The Pro 130 is formed with a less powerful Pump than the 150. So, it is evident that the Finishing will be perfect with control Pro150 rather than the 130.

Operating features

The Control Pro 150 will allow you to adjust the power with its power adjusting feature. As a result, you can paint small goods pretty easily. Unfortunately, the Control Pro 130 is not compatible with the power adjusting option.


Wagner provides a one-year warranty under some policies with their paint sprayer. You can claim the warranty via amazon or directly contact the manufacturer. We will also request you to read the warranty policy carefully before buying.

Final Words 

After all those comparisons, the Wagner Control Pro 150 becomes the ultimate recommendation from us. Although the COntrol Pro 130 is best at its cost, the Pro 150 offers extra features with proper paint spray finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Wagner Control Pro 130 have an adjustable pressure dial?

Unfortunately no, the control pro has not that characteristic.

What is the maximum tip size of this machine?

The Maximum Tip size of these paint sprayer machines is 515.

Can I paint the strict surface or furniture with these sprayers?

Yes, these machines are consistent with a high flow rate and can perfectly paint a strict surface or furniture.

Can I use a 5-gallon bucket with the Wagner 150?

Yes, you can use both 1 gallon and 5-gallon buckets.

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