Weber 210 vs 310

Weber 210 vs 310 – Why weber 310 would be best for you?

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Weber 210 vs 310Spirit E210 and E310 are two great machines from Weber, and both of them and share some similar features, but I recommend Weber E310 cause It has more unique quality than E210 that creates it’s an effective appliance.

What Makes the Weber E310 the Best than its Rival? 

  • The main difference is the burners; it comes with three stainless steel burners; on the other side, Weber E210 contains two burners.
  • Three burners provide 32,000 BTUs per hour, and two burners of E210 produce 26,500 BTUs. The better BTUs allow you to prepare the recipe quicker.
  • It has a 529 sq inches total cooking area that is ideal for preparing medium to large batch recipes. And the rival contains 450 sq inches; it lets you organize small to medium batches.
  • Both machines offer flavored bars, but this machine can provide sear marks quicker since they give better heating output.
  • The ignitor system of Weber E310 offers you to conveniently change the temperature system while it is a little hassle on E210. Sometimes automatically, it increases the temperature that you don’t expect.

Weber E310 is a better option, plus it will help make your grilling experience unforgettable because of these fantastic features. If you also love its features and want to see the price, just hit the button below.


Similarities of Weber 210 vs 310

  • These two Weber machines are compatible with the iGrill three apps that monitor your cooking from first to last.
  • Cleaning is simple in these machines; they feature grease management.
  • Both are built with a lid thermometer; you don’t need to purchase one separately to check the grilling food’s internal temperature.
  • They are built with two side tables; it allows you to prepare your food or keep the grilling tools.
  • Ignitor system of Weber 210 and 310 operated with the AA battery.
  • And finally, the machines have a 10-year warranty period, so don’t worry about the devices’ durability.

Comparison Chart: Weber 210 vs 310

Specifications  Weber E210 Weber E310 
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  32 x 50 x 63 inches 32 x 52 x 63 inches
Weight  113.8 pounds  130 pounds
Stainless Steel Burner  2
BTU 26,500  32,000 
Cooking Area  450 529
GS4  Yes  Yes 
iGrill 3  Yes  Yes 
Grease Management  Yes  Yes 
Flavorizer bars  Yes  Yes 
Lid Thermometer  Yes Yes 
Fold-down Table  Yes  No 
Battery Type  AA AA 
Tool Hooks Yes Yes 
Warranty  10-years  10-years 

Differences and Similarities Between Weber 210 vs 310

Burners and Cooking Space 

Weber E210 was built with two stainless steel burners; on the other hand, E310 was built with three burners. The two burners have 450 sq inches of total cooking space, and the three burners have 529 sq inches. If you prepare a small-medium batch meal, then go with the E210. Or, if your target is to prepare medium-large meals, select the E310.

Heating Output 

The heating output is an essential thing to consider when you decide to purchase a grilling machine. Weber E310 produces 32,000 BTUs; besides, the E210 BTUs are 26,500. The E310 lets you cook the recipe quicker than E210. And it is handy when you need to prepare a meal quickly. Since the E310 is better at BTUs, you can consider this machine for the BBQ party.

Side Table 

The side table is a handy addition to any grilling machine because it allows the user to keep grilling tools or food items. These two contain two side tables, but the Weber E210 side table is better. Once your grilling is done, you can fold the table. It saves you space; on the other side, the E310 table can’t be folded.

iGrill 3 

Weber E210 and E310 are compatible with the iGrill 3 apps that can be connected to a thermometer. It will monitor the grill machine when you start using the Weber plus notify you on your smart device when the machine reaches the perfect temperature.

Built-in Lid Thermometer 

The built-in thermometer creates satisfaction since it lets you inspect the internal temperature. The lid of the devices contains a thermometer that shows the temperature level. So the user can adjust the temperature level to their needs.

Flavorizer bars 

Who doesn’t wanna eat smokey-flavored bbq meat? Weber E210 and E310 have Flavorizer bars in them; the bar creates aroma in your bbq food to make it tastier. You can select either the E210 or E310, but the two will provide you the best recipe.

Infinite Control Burner 

They feature an infinite control burner that makes controlling the machine convenient. Generally, variable dialers are available in the control burner that allows you to adjust the heating level to your needs. The infinite control burner operates with an AA battery; that’s why you need to ensure changing the battery within a period.

Grease Management 

It makes the machine easier to clean and ideal for people who think cleaning is a challenging task. The grease management system lies under the cooking grill; when it’s full of oil, or other cooking debris, all you need to do is, replace it with a new one.


They are different in size as well, and the Weber E310 is slightly larger plus heavier than E210. It has 130 pounds of weight, while the E210 contains 113.8 pounds. Both E210 and E310 include the same 32 inches length and 63 inches tall. But the E210 is 50 inches wide, and E320 is 53 inches wide.


Weber E210 plus E310 comes with a 10-year warranty period; if you find any manufacturer defects in the machines, then you can repair or replace the parts. They are made from high-end material to confirm durability.


It could be a little confusing when it comes to deciding the best grilling machine. Hopefully, this guide helps you to pick overall the best. Yet I’m suggesting Weber E310 rather than E320 because it has handy features, as you can see. Otherwise, if budget is an issue, then Weber E210 would be a great addition.

Frequently Asked Questions of Weber 210 vs 310

Can I fold down the table on E310? 

No, the Weber E310 omits a side-burner, but the E210 side tables can be folded.

Width of the E210 without tables fold down?

The machine is 22.5 inches without folding down the tables, and when the table is not folded, it is 29.5 inches.

What is the grilling area of these machines?

Weber E210 has a 424 sq inches cooking area, while the E310 comes with 529 sq inches total cooking.

How long is the warranty period?

They include a 10-year warranty, and you can use them for years to come since they are built from the best quality material.

Is the ignitor system using a battery?

Yes, both machines’ ignitor system is operated with a battery.

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