Winix C535 vs 5500

Winix C535 vs 5500 – Why Winix 5500 is Best pick?

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Winix C535 vs 5500Winix C535 and Winix 5500 are the two best air cleaning purifiers. But Winix 5500 performs comparatively better than C535. Even, 5500 has some amazing features that help it wins the competition here. So, let’s find out what makes Winix 5500 a winner.

What Makes Winix 5500 Winner?

  • Winix 5500 has washable AOC filters, while Winix C53 comes with activated carbon filters. Winix 5500’s filters are reusable, but with Winix C535 you won’t get this advantage.
  • It provides 4 stage air purifier, while Winix C535 has 3 stages. So, Winix 5500 is better in this option and gives you finely cleaned and fresh air.
  • This air purifier is very effective against eczema, allergies, and any kind of dust. Winix 5500 will help you to stay healthier in your daily life.
  • Winix 5500 is a compact air purifier than Winix C535. Its weight is 15.4 pounds, and its dimension is 15*8.2*23.6. On the other hand, the Winix C535’s weight is 19.25 pounds and size 23.39*17.52*9.88. So, Winix 5500 takes a smaller space than Winix C535 and fits in smoothly at any place you want.

Those points make Winix 5500 a better air purifier than Winix C535. I hope now it’s clear to you how Winix 5500 becomes the winner. If you are interested in these purifiers and want to check the prices, press the buttons below.


Similar Features in Winix 5500 and Winix 535

  • Both serve 360 Sq. Ft. area at a time.
  • They come with a washable fine mesh pre-filter.
  • Both operate with plasma wave technology.
  • They have a HEPA filtration feature.
  • They appear with an air quality indicator.
  • Both 5500 and C535 come with dual smart sensors.
  • They also have sleep mood operation.
  • These two come with a filter replacement indicator.
  • They also appear with a remote controller.
Specification 5500 C535
Editor’s Rating 4.9 Out of 5 4.7 Out of 5
Weight 15.4lbs  19.25lbs
Dimension  15*8.2*23.6 23.39*17.52*9.88
Filtration HEPA Filters HEPA Filters
Remote Control Yes Yes
Room Size 360 sq. Ft. 360 sq. Ft.
Carbon Filter Washable AOC Activated
Plazma Wave Cleaning Yes Yes
Air Quality Indicator  Yes Yes
Dual Smart Sensor Yes Yes
Auto Mood Yes Yes
Sleep Mood Yes Yes
Power 70W 70W
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years

Difference and Similarity Between Winix 5500 and Winix C535

Product Weight and Dimension

These two products’ weight and dimensions are quite different. Winix 5500’s weight is 15.4 pounds, and dimensions are 15*8.2*23.6 inches. On the other side, Winix C535 weight is 19.2 pounds, and its dimensions are 23.39*17.52*9.88 inches. Winix 5500 is more likely to fit in anywhere.

Cleaning Area

Winix 5500 and Winix C535 serve you 360 Sq. Ft. area at a time. These are fir to clean a medium to large space at a time. It is quite a big space for cleaning with an air purifier. Both offer the same space to clean.


Winix’s both of these air purifiers offer you a variety of filters to purify your air. These two appear with true HEPA filters. It also consisted of a washable fine mesh pre-filter. Winix 5500 and Winix C535 have different carbon filters. Winix 5500appears with a washable and reusable AOC carbon filter. Winix C535 appears with an activated carbon filter.

Plasma Wave Air Cleaning

These two quality air purifiers use Plasma Wave Air Cleaning technology while cleaning. This technology produces Hydroxyls, which neutralizes bacteria and viruses. So, these air purifiers prevent you from getting any viral or bacterial disease. What can you have more helpful than this on your air purifier?


Winix 5500 and Winix C535 both offer you a two-year warranty. Winix assures your air purifier a backup for two years by fixing or replacing its unit if it has any qualifying issue. This is a well-deserved warranty for an air purifier.


At the very end, you can see how both of them fulfill your requirement for air cleaning. Winix 5500 and Winix C535 are both capable of working on all these requirements. While Winix 5500 will slightly give you better results. It could be a little budget-friendly while you reuse its carbon filters. But Winix C535 is not any less than Winix 5500. So, choose wisely and be a winner.

Frequently Asked Question About Winix 5500 and Winix C535

How loud is Winix 5500?

The Winix 5500 is 27.8 decibels loud. The sound is low, and in the sleep mood, it gets lower. It makes a sound like a fan in any turbo settings. Mostly like a wind sound rather than a motor.

How does the air quality indicator work in Winix C535?

There is an LED light in the air quality indicator, which changes its color based on air quality. The red light indicates poor air quality, amber color means acceptable air quality, and blue means clean air.

Does Winix 5500 come with extra filters?

No, Winix 5500 does not offer you any extra filters with its purchases. You can buy it separately.

Can Winix C535 run 24/7?

Yes, you can run it 24/7 without any hassle on auto mood.

Does Winix 5500 work for smokes? 

Yes, Winix 5500 is quite good at purifying smokes. It is perfect to go with wildfire smoke.

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