Winix C535 vs C545

Winix C535 vs C545 – Check Why Winix C545 is Better than C535!

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Winix C535 vs C545Winix C535 and C545 are two standard air purifiers and capable of giving you a lavish service. Between these two, Winix C545 is comparatively better as it has some improved features.

What Features Make Winix C545 Better?

  • Winix C545 is a purifier with a 4 stage filtration system that cleans the air more smoothly and purely. Meanwhile, Winix C535 comes with 3 stage filtration system, which can’t purify like C545.
  • This 4 stage air purifier comes with a wifi option that allows you to use the purifier via your phone. Also, you can control, set a mood, and set a timer by installing a Winix app on your phone. Plus, your phone could be used as a remote controller of Winix C545. On the other hand, its competitor does not come with any wifi option.
  • C545 is more likely to take less space and fit anywhere you want since it has a compact design, plus this purifier is lightweight than Winix C535. So you can consider Winix C545 air purifier for your home.

All these reasons make Winix C545 a total winner against Winix C535. To enjoy the best performance with some improved functionalities you should pick Winix C545.


Similar Features

  • They serve 360 Sq. Ft. area at a time. So, it will be easier to cover medium to large living space with these purifiers.
  • Both have washable fine mesh pre-filter. As a result, you can easily remove pet hair or other debris which extends the life of the filter.
  • These purifiers use Plasma Wave Technology to clean air by removing Odors, Allergens, Chemical Vapors, and other Pollutants.
  • Both Consist of air quality indicators so that you can understand the quality of air inside your room.
  • They also have a filter replacement indicator that helps to change the filter at a perfect time to enjoy pure air.

If you are satisfied with these similar functions then you can go with any of these purifiers. But if you want the advanced features then you have to pick Winix C545.

Comparison Chart: Winix C535 vs C545

Specification C545 C535
Editor’s Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.7 Out of 5
Weight 11.5lbs 19.25lbs
Dimension 13.7*8.4*20.5 23.39*17.52*9.88
Filtration HEPA Filters HEPA Filters
Remote Control Yes Yes
Room Size 360 sq. Ft. 360 sq. Ft.
Carbon Filter Activated Activated
Plazma Wave Cleaning Yes Yes
Air Quality Indicator Yes Yes
Dual Smart Sensor Yes Yes
Auto Mood No Yes
Sleep Mood Yes Yes
Wifi Yes No
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years

Difference and Similarity: Winix C545 vs Winix C535

Product Weight and Dimension

The Winix C545 and Winix C535 both come in quite different weights and sizes. C545 is 11 pounds, and C535 is 19.4 pounds. That makes Winix C535 a heavier air purifier. The dimension is 13.7*8.4*20.5 inches for Winix C545 and 23.39*17.52*9.88 inches for Winix C535.

Winix C535 is a relatively big air purifier, and Winix C545 is a compact one. So, the C545 will be a better fit for any space you want it to be. But with Winix C535, it could be a problem.

Cleaning Area

Winix mostly offers you a 360 sq. Ft. cleaning area in its air purifiers. Both Winix C535 and C545 offer you the same. They serve 360 Sq. Ft. area at a time. This precisely covers a medium to large space. Every hour the air purifier cleans the air 5 times in this space. This is certainly a big place to cover for an air purifier.


These two air purifiers offer mostly standard filters. They come with a washable fine mesh pre-filter, which is first in line to defense air-born particles. They also consist of true HEPA filters. This captures almost all the air-born allergens, such as pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander.

They also have activated carbon filters, which reduce any household odor such as pet odor, cooking smells, and smoke. Carbon filters also help to prolong the time of the right HEPA filter.

Plazma Wave Cleaning Technology

Winix’s air purifiers have this new generation of Plasma Wave Cleaning technology, which neutralizes bacteria and viruses. This technology produces Hydroxyls to kill bacteria and viruses. This technology gives you healthy air and saves you from any bacterial or viral disease. These air purifiers are the product you are looking for for your family’s good health.


You can control the Winix C545 from your phone with its wifi connectivity. Winix C545 comes with wifi settings. You can affix it to your phone and operate it. You can control its mood, set a timer, and use your phone as its remote controller. Winix C535 does not offer you this opportunity, and it comes with a separate remote controller.


These two air purifiers of Winix offer you a 2-year bounded warranty. They promise to fix and replace unity that has any qualifying issues. This is a good warranty backup as compared to the market’s air purifiers.


In the end, you can see how Winix 545 has so many things to offer you rather than Winix C535. Its filtration stage, wifi connectivity, and compact size make it irresistible in front of Winix C535.

However, Winix C535 is also an excellent air purifier. It can almost fulfill all demands you can have in an air purifier. So, be clever in choosing your product and make your home safe.

Frequently Asked Question about Winix C545 and Winix C535

What do the red light and blue light mean in the air quality indicator of Winix C545?

The red light indicates the air quality is poor in the room, and the blue light indicates the air quality is right in the room.

Does Winix C535 help reduce pet odor?

Yes, Winix C535 helps reduce pet odor.

Can we set a timer to turn on the power with Winix C545?

Yes, you can set a timer to turn on the power with Winix C545.

Does Winix C535 come with washable fine mesh pre-filters?

Yes, Winix C535 comes with washable fine mesh pre-filters.

Does Winix C545 need wifi to work?

Yes, the work can be done by wifi. But it necessarily does not need wifi to Work.

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