Winix C535 vs C555

Winix C535 vs C555 – Why C535 Should be Your Choice?

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Winix C535 and C555 are two standard air purifiers to give you a premium service for cleaning the air. Let’s see the differences between these air purifiers.

What Are the Differences Between Winix C535 and C555?

Winix C535 Winix C555
Winix C535 is a lightweight air purifier. Winix C555 is slightly heavier.
It has an extra filter. It has no extra filter.
This air purifier doesn’t make noise. This air purifier makes noise when in use.
It saves energy. This doesn’t save energy.
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Winix C535 built with slightly better features which are missing on the C555. Hence, you can choose this air purifier.

Why is Winix C535 Most Preferable?

  • Winix C535 is a compact air purifier. Its weight is 20 pounds, and its dimension is 23.39*17.52*9.88 inches. Contrary, Winix C555’s weight is 38 pounds, and the dimension is 23.40*17.55*9.88 inches. Therefore, C535 is more likely to fit anywhere and more comfortable to carry.
  • It is a great air filter that includes extra filters; contrary, C555 doesn’t provide any filters. As a result, you need to purchase a filter separately for the C555.
  • The machine works almost without any noise, rather than the upgraded version. But C555 makes a noise that is not pleasant.
  • This air purifier will save energy which is a great thing, while C555 can’t help you to save energy. So, you can give a thought to the Winix C535 machine.

These affordable features make Winix C535 a better choice than Winix C555. If you want to check the price of these two air purifiers, just click the button below.


Similar Features in Winix C555 and Winix C535

  • They serve 360 Sq. Ft. area at a time.
  • You get washable fine mesh pre-filter with them.
  • They work with plasma wave technology.
  • Both provide air quality indicators to check on.
  • Also, have a dual smart sensor in them.
  • Sleep mood operation is included in both of them.
  • You can find a filter replacement indicator in both of them.
  • They appear with a remote controller.

Other Specifications Chart

Specification Winix C555 Winix C535
Editor’s Rating 4.6 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 38lbs  19.25lbs
Dimension 23.40*17.55*9.88 23.39*17.52*9.88
Filtration Antimicrobial HEPA Filters HEPA Filters
Remote Control Yes Yes
Room Size 360 sq. Ft. 360 sq. Ft.
Carbon Filter Washable AOC Activated
Plazma Wave Cleaning Yes Yes
Dual Smart Sensor Yes Yes
Auto Mood Yes Yes
Sleep Mood Yes Yes
Power 70W 70W
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years

Features and Benefits of Winix C555 and Winix C535

Cleaning Area

Winix offers you almost a medium to large living space to purify its air. Both Winix C535 and Winix C545 serve 360 Sq. Ft. area to clean air. In one hour, it changes its air 5 times in 360 Sq. Ft area.

This is a big space compared to other air purifiers. So, buy any of them and get a full air cleaning experience of 360 sq. Ft. area.


These two air purifiers of Winix have the same washable fine mesh pre-filter. These two also appear with true HEPA filters, whereas Winix C555’s true Hepar filters are antimicrobial.

These antimicrobial genuine HEPA filters clean air from microbes. Also, these HEPA filters catch 99% of air-born allergens. And good at catching pollen, dust, and smoke. These filters can detect any particle which is small as 0.3 microns.

Carbon Filter

Winix C555 offers you better filters when it comes to carbon filters. It appears with washable Advance Odor Control carbon filters, which you can reuse after washing it.

Winix C535 has an activated carbon filter, which you can not reuse. The Winix C555 is a better choice in this section. The washable AOC filters reduce household odors, including pets’ cooking smells, smoke, and odor. It also prolongs the HEPA filter.

Plasma Wave Air Technology

The Plasma Wave Air Technology keeps you away from any bacteria or viruses. It creates Hydroxyls, which neutralize any bacteria or viruses.

That ensures your healthy air. And gives you and your family the most beneficial air. This technology is a new generation of technology to keep you away from any bacterial or viral diseases. 


Winix offers almost all of their air purifiers a two years warranty. Winix promises you to give back up for their air purifier for two years, which includes fixation and replacement of any unit with any qualifying issue.

Winix C535 and Winix C555 offer you a two-year warranty with satisfying customer services.


You can see how Winix C535 offers you many more affordable options than Winix C555. But Winix C555 has also contained all the important features and some expensive luxurious features you can have in a purifier. If you want the budget-friendly best experience in air cleaning, you should go with the Winix C535, but if you are thinking about luxury and a little hassle, you may go with the Winix C555.

Frequently Asked Questions About Winix C555 vs Winix C535

Does Winix C555 come with a warranty?

Yes, Winix C555 comes with a 2 years warranty. They assure to fix and replace the unit of the purifier if needed.

Does Winix C535 come with extra filters?

No, Winix C535 does not come with extra filters. You have to buy filters separately.

How does that AOC carbon filter work on Winix C555?

AOC carbon filter means activated odor control, and it reduces any kind of odors such as cooking smells, pet odor, or even odor from smoke. They also help to extend the time of a true HEPA filter.

How does the sleep mode operation work in both Winix C555 and Winix C545?

When the room or space is darkened, this mood automatically takes place. This makes the purifier quitter and energy-efficient. When light appears, it changes back to the auto mood. 

What is the work of the auto mood on Winix C555?

The auto mood adjusted the fan speed in the purifier. And keeps it operating.

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