Yamaha P45 vs P125

Yamaha P45 vs P125 – Why Is the Yamaha P125 the Best?

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Yamaha P45 vs P125Yamaha is a well-known and reliable brand in the Piano sector, and they always make improved and befitting Piano. So, it doesn’t seem very easy to choose the perfect one. The Yamaha P45 and the P125 are two great PianoPiano from Yamaha. The P125 offers more updated features than the P45, which makes the Yamaha P125 the ultimate choice.

Why is the Yamaha P125 an absolute choice?

  • The Yamaha P125 comes with a split mode option that helps divide the keyboard into two different sections. As a result, you can play two different instrument sounds simultaneously. For example, you can play string sound with the upper one and the piano sound on the lower one, which allows you to mix up sound in a satisfying way. Unfortunately, Yamaha P45 does not allow this feature. So, you need to play in a single row system.
  • This PianoPiano is compatible with 192 notes of polyphony that provide maximum flexibility to the player. In addition, the P125 combined maximum amount of sound that helps to provide different notes at the same time. In comparison, the Yamaha P45 has 64 notes of polyphony, which is far behind the P125. That’s why the P45 performs pretty lower than the Yamaha P125.
  • There are 24 types of voices available at the P125 that adjust the density of the felts, which covers the hammers striking the string. As a result, the PianoPiano produces a brighter and warmer tone. At the same time, the P45 includes 10 types of voices to the Piano. Although this number of voices also produces a great tone, if you want the accuracy and smooth tone, the P125 is the best.
  • This PianoPiano supports two tracks recording with stereo miking or multi-miking, which allows you to record the singer’s voice and the instrument simultaneously. On the contrary, the P45 is incompatible with the two-track recording. As a result, you might face a recording problem during live programs or shows.
  • The Yamaha P125 comes with 21 demo songs and 50 piano songs, which helps create accurate real-time music to the song. This feature is handy for a beginner. On the other hand, the Yamaha 45 provides 10 demo songs and 10 piano songs. Which are consistent but more songs make the P125 a constant Piano and handy for the novice.
  • There are two 7w speakers included on the P125and those speakers are robust with the sound and deliver music with balanced bass and details. In contrast, two 6w speakers deliver the instrument sounds of the Yamaha P45. The 6W speakers are consistent with sound, but the 7w speaker is the latest and improved with the outcomes.

Overall, the Yamaha P125 is pretty powerful, with the specifications, and looks promising with the performance. Besides, compared to the Yamaha P45, the P125 is more professional and powerful.


Similar Features 

  • Both of these Piano have four options of touch sensitivity: Hard/medium/soft/fixed.
  • These pianos have the same type of hammer action called GHS Weighted Action.
  • The P45 and the P125 support the dual-mode option of the keyboard that layer two voices together. 
  • They also included the same type of pedal to the PianoPiano.

Quick Comparison table between the Yamaha P45 and the P125.

Specification  Yamaha P125  Yamaha P45
Editors ratings  4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of keys 88 88
Hammer Action  GHS Weighted Action GHS Weighted Action
Polyphony  192 64
Speaker  7W speakers  6W speakers
Recording  Yes  No 
Split mode Yes  No 
Number of voices 24 10
Touch Sensitivity  Hard/medium/soft/fixed Hard/medium/soft/fixed
Tone generation  Pure CF Sound Engine Pure CF Sound Engine
Effects  Reverb, IAC, Damper Resonance, Sound Boost Reverb (4 different types)
Dual Mode  Yes  Yes 
Headphone input Yes  Yes 
Midi  No  Yes 
Warranty  1 year  1 year 

Difference and Similarities between the Yamaha P45 and the Yamaha P125 

Sound Quality 

The P125 and the P45 are some of the most famous pianos from Yamaha. They are promising with the sound and reliability for any users, especially for the novice. Besides, these pianos are designed simply so that a user can easily get every point of features. But, The P125 performs pretty well than the P45 because of its unique and improved components. Moreover, the P125 adds the latest 7W speakers for better music outcomes.

In comparison, the P45 offers previous 6W speakers. The difference between 7W and 6W is hardly noticeable, but as professional use, it can sometimes bother you. However, with the Sound quality, these keyboards are pretty the same.


The Yamaha P125 combines 192 notes of polyphony, which is incredible in ensuring flexibility. Besides, you will never get cut off with the sound for having that amount of polyphony. On the other side, the Yamaha P45 allows 64 notes of polyphony. Firstly,64 notes polyphony is quite behind from the P125 and also compromised with the performance. So, you will find perfection with the P125 instead of the P45 whenever you play the instrument.

Additional Features 

The two-track recording features of the P125 add some extra advantages. For example, you can simultaneously record the singer’s voice and the instrument’s sound. Unfortunately, the Yamaha P45 is not compatible with the recording option. Indeed, it’s inconvenient according to the present piano market.

Furthermore, 24 types of voices make the Yamaha P125 a consistent piano for beginners. Because of these preset voices, you can easily find the exact music you want, which brings perfection while playing the instrument. In contrast, the Yamaha P45 added 10 types of preset voice to adjust the instrument sounds. Though 10 kinds of voice are also okay, more voice makes a more satisfying music experience.

Last but not least, the Split Mode is an exciting feature from the P125 because this mode allows dividing the keyboard into two different segments that affirm 2 instruments’ sound play at the same time. Sadly, this option is also available in the Yamaha P45.


These digital pianos come very lightweight and are easy to carry. For example, the Yamaha P125 and P45 weigh 11.8 kg and 11.5 kg. So, You can take them in any way you want.


Yamaha sanctions 1 year of standard warranty with these pianos. You can claim the warranty via amazon or directly mail them.

Final Words

At present, Yamaha constantly produces wonderful pianos on the market. Among them, the P125 and the P45 are the two best pianos. But the Yamaha 125 has specific features which are unavailable at the P45. All in all, The Yamaha P125 will be a great deal for you without any doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use a headset with these pianos?

Yes, both of these pianos added a headphone jack on the body.

Does the P125 come with a piano bench?

Yes, a standard piano bench is available with the piano.

Does the P45 keyboard come with a power adaptor?

Yes, it comes with a Yamaha PA150 power adapter.

Do they support recording options? 

Unfortunately, the P45 does not support recording, but the P125 does.

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