Yeti 45 vs 65

Yeti 45 vs 65 – Check why Yeti 65 would be the best pick!


Yeti 45 vs 65If you want to choose the best outdoor cooler between Yeti 45 and 65 then the Yeti 65 will be the best pick. Because the 65 includes more impressive features than the other one.

Which Features Made Yeti 65 the Best pick?

  • Ice Retention of Yeti 65 is great. If you keep ice on it, it is able to retain the ice for 6 + half days. And at Yeti 45 you can retain the ice for only 3 + half days. If you go for a long vacation, no worries about melted ice in the way of vacation.
  • It has a larger space in it, you can take 42 drink cans in it. And in Yeti 45 you can take only 42 drink cans. So you will have an option of keeping more cans than the Yeti 42.
  • You can bring 52 Pound of ice in the Yeti 65, and in the 45 you will be able to take only 34 pounds of ice. We see that the 65 is capable of taking a large number of pounds if you choose it.
  • Quarter’s capacity is also larger in the Yeti 65. It is about 57.2 quarts. And the Yeti 45 has 37.6 quarts. There you also get a large size of quarters in it.

All these key features made Yeti 65 a great option to consider. Yeti 45 is also a reasonable cooler with few features but we recommend the 65 for its advanced functions.


Similar Features

  • The material of both of the coolers is Polyester that made them equally durable for a long time.
  • Both of the coolers Insulation Material is made with Polyurethane Foam, which makes sure your ice stays ice.
  • The design of these coolers is called a Fatwall design. As a result, the ice will remain unmelted for a certain period.
  • Each of the coolers has a 5-year warranty.

If you are satisfied with these similar functions then you can any of these coolers. But if you want the improved features for the best service then you have to go with Yeti 65.

Comparison Chart: Yeti 45 vs 65

SpecificationYeti 45Yeti 65
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 54.6 out of 5 
Weight23 lbs29 lbs
Outside Dimensions16.1” × 15.4” × 25 .8”17.2” × 16” × 30.6”
Inside Dimensions9.4” × 10.6” × 18.4”10.6” × 11.1” × 23.1”
Can Capacity28 Cans42 Cans
Ice Capacity34 pounds52 pounds
Quarts Capacity37.6 quarts57.2 quarts
Ice Retention3.5 days6.5 days
Insulation MaterialPolyurethane FoamPolyurethane Foam
DesignFatwall designFatwall design
Warranty Period5 year5 year

Differences and Similarities Between Yeti 45 and 65

Coller Weight

The weight of the Yeti 45 is 23 lbs. The accurate weight of the Yeti 65 is 29 lbs. The 65 is much heavier than the 45. The greater options than the 45, made the 65 much heavier.

Outside Dimensions

The Yeti outside dimension is 16.1” × 15.4” × 25 .8”. And the outside dimension of the 65 is 17.2” × 16” × 30.6”. You will get a larger footprint than the 45 if you choose the 65.

Inside Dimensions

The inside dimensions of the 45 are 9.4” × 10.6” × 18.4”. And the inside dimensions of the 65 is 10.6” × 11.1” × 23.1. In this dimension, you can keep more things like cans and ice.

Can Capacity

You can keep 28 drinks cans in the Yeti 45. And in the 65 you can keep 42 drinks Cans. For this option, the 65 will give you the best service.

Ice Capacity

There are also options for ice in both of the coolers. But there is an ice capacity difference in both of the coolers. The 45 is able to take 34 pounds of ice. So in the option, the 65 is great.

Quarts Capacity

The Quarters Capacity of the 45 is 37.6 quarts, and the capacity of the 65 is 57.2 quarts. The 65 has the larger Quarter capacity if compared with the 45.

Ice Retention

If you choose the Yeti 45, you don’t have to worry about the retention for 3.5 days. And the Ice retention of the 65 is double that of the 45. So you can go out for 6.5 days.


Both of the coolers are made with polyester material. And for the Insulation material, they used Polyurethane Foam. You don’t need to worry about the construction of these two coolers since they are made with the best quality material to ensure longevity.


The Yeti 45 and 65 have a nice design. The design is called a Fatwall design. The wall of these coolers is flat.

Warranty Period

You will get a 5 years warranty if you choose any of the outdoor coolers. Within the period of the warranty, if you see any problem with this cooler, you can contact as soon as possible and claim the warranty.


After reviewing the features of both of these coolers, I would say that the Yeti 65 is best. That’s because it has better can capacity, ice capacity, quarts capacity, and 6.5 days of ice retention that you will not get those options if you choose the Yeti 45. So the Yeti 65 will be the best buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yeti 45 & Yeti 65

Does the Ice retention time accurate, given on the specifications chart?

It is almost accurate, but it depends on the weather; if the environment is warmer, it melts quickly.

Does it feel heavy when carrying?

Yes, it feels heavy when you carry the cooler.

Does the cooler waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. When the ice melts, the melted water stays in it; it doesn’t affect the cooler.

How many person’s goods can I add to it when I go out on vacation?

You can add about 5-6 person goods when you go out for a vacation.

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